The Arrival

Just read a new graphic novel which I highly recommend. It may be the best thing I’ve read in this line in years.

It is called The Arrival and it is a serious piece of art IMHO.

It has no dialogue (!) which is part of its charm - and which really enhances its punch.

The story is simple enough: a man immigrates to a new land, works to bring over his wife and children. But that doesn’t begin to cover it. The purpose of this work is to use surrealism in order to create a universal mood - a feeling of strangeness and alienation, and then growing familiarity. Although described as a children’s book, it is not, or at least not solely - it is I think a work of mature imagination and power.…05847793&sr=8-1

The artwork is phenominal - some of the best I’ve ever seen.…index=1#gallery…index=2#gallery

Loosely based on the Charlie Sheen movie?

No. :stuck_out_tongue: