The Art of Kissing

Has kissing to show passion or affection always been around? When I was a kid I was always told that Eskimos always rubbed noses because their lips would stick together because of the cold. So is there different styles throughout the ages/cultures? How did it originate and when?

Kissing as a form of affection has been around longer than writing.
Kissing in romance is a mostly European thing with origins probably around the time of ancient Greece.

The Eskimos (Inuits) kiss just like we do and have as long as we’ve known about them. The “Eskimo Kiss” is a different kind of “kiss”, similar to a kiss on the forehead to us.

Of course there are a million ways to kiss and different people learn it differently,and people in the same area have a greater chance to learn it similarly. There are distinct cultural trends in kissing too.
How french is the french kiss and is it really french at all? I don’t actually know.

Just to be a pedant, not all Eskimos are Inuits, so the terms are not interchangeable. The Yupiks are also Eskimo.

Thank you.

A simple Google search will turn up tons of links about the history of kissing.

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Wikipedia weighs in on kisses
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and The New York Times ran an article on it, too.

If you Google “history of kissing” you’ll get many, many links. This is just a sampling. There’s more from the anthropological aspect, as well as entire books devoted to the history of kissing. Google is not evil… try it sometime.

And, to be even more of a pedant, it’s Yup’ik.