The Art of Living Foundation

I’m hoping some of you know, or at the least, have heard of The Art of Living Foundation. I’ve done their so-called Basic Course already, and I’ve come away quite impressed with it. Not with the spirituality/humanity aspect it deals with, because I’m not really into that kind of stuff as of now. Rather, I was really impressed with the breathing excercises they teach. At the end of the 45 or so minuites of these excercises, you come out feeling absolutely refreshed, with your entire body tingling (if you’ve done it right), and basically feeling alive. Every time, without fail!!

Anyways, I’d love to know from someone in the know about these breathing excercises - how they work the way they do, that it… how come I get up from these ecercises feeling the way I do?!?

Sounds like yoga to me. In any case, exercise is exercise and it’s good for you. In strictly scientific terms, what exercise does for you is “get your juices flowing.”

Seriously, exercise gives you a break from whatever usually troubles your noodle, pumps some air into your limbs, unlocks those tense muscles… there’s some discussion about beneficial chemicals bubbling up - while that’s debated it’s hard to argue against how good you feel about exercise.