The At Home Critic

OK, so I blantantly ripped the name off of The Self Made Critic. I’ll warn you up front that I’m not likely to be as clever as he was. I thought about naming this thread “watcha watching gang” since we have good success with those threads, but ya get what ya get. So anyway, this is a thread to review the DVDs that you have seen lately.

Over the weekend I watched Underworld Evolution with the adorable Kate Beckinsale. I pretty much will watch her in almost anthing and so will probably see Clicked (although likely as a renter.) It is an action flick that continues the saga of the war between Vamps and Werewolves. It was not bad as far as these things go, but then hey, I enjoyed Van Helsing and X3. If you are looking for more than a mindless action film, look elsewhere.

I saw The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human well narrarated by David Hyde Pierce. Quoting from IMDB “An anthropologist from an alien planet provides voice-over commentary for a documentary look at human courtship.” It stars Carmen Electra who was stunning, of course. There was a lot of clever observations from an outsider’s view of how human mates. The premise is clever but would have benefited from being a 30-minute short rather than an 88 minute long movie.

I watched Hoodwinked - by far the best of the three this week. It is the tale of Little Red Riding hood told from 4 points of view. First Red tells her tale, then The Wolf, The Axman and Granny. At first I thought it was going to suffer from the same problem mentioned above - clever but should have been shorter. However, it was clever throughout and I found it a fun romp. Full of doper-style humor I recommend it strongly. I did see immediately the surprise villain.