"The Bachelor" strikes again

Haven’t seen this in several seasons – but OMG this is some cheesy goodness. Missed last week (Monday night football here – how 'bout them Iggles?) – but what the hell, you can’t tell what’s going on when there’s two dozen of them anyway.

Erica seems like a total nutjob …

I love this shit.

Omigod. Sadie is “saving herself for marriage”?

blissful sigh

That one socialite- Erica, I think her name is- is driving me nuts. She’s so spoiled, and she hasn’t said a thing about Lorenzo’s good qualities, that I’ve seen. She doesn’t care about the man, just about the fact that he’s a prince. And, therefore, so much better than commoners (she did use the word commoner). Get rid of her already; she’s crazy!
Ha! So much drama! So entertaining!

Socialite? As I said, I missed Week One – are there two groups of bachelorettes?

No- however, you know how they put their occupation under their name when they’re talking? Someone’s definiately said “Socialite” as her occupation.

No shit – too funny. (I watch from the other room, so sometimes the subtleties of the subtitles are lost on me.)

OTOH, maybe we should suggest that – the class war version of The Bachelor – socialites vs. working girls.

Er, let’s rephrase that…