The Back Street Band Calls It Quits!!!!!

I know: “Who???”

This was a group of guys who’d been together for 35 years and played in and around the West Georgia area.

It shocked me so bad I had to call my friend Victor (their lead guitarist) to confirm, and he said “Yep, Bill. We talked it out and decided 35 years was long enough, and most of the guys were missing out on their family life.”

What makes this so disappointing to me is the fact that Victor was also the lead guitar in the very first band I ever played drums in: The Watchmen. (you can hear some very primitive cuts here if you’re interested: Some of you have already heard this, but incredible as it may seem, Backstreet (the Carrollton, GA. one) isn’t on YouTube. This rather raw tape is Victor right at the beginning when we were all still learning our instruments. He’s of the Chet Atkins school of entry level guitar and uses that thumb (like we’re taught not to do;))

Victor developed macular degeneration and is now legally blind, but I’d put his guitar playing (any style) up against any pro.

D and I wanted to celebrate me getting my SSDI, and thought we’d do it at one of my friend’s performances, but they hung it up a couple of months ago.

I am hoping the guys will reunite at some point. (After 35 years, I don’t think they’ll be able to resist at least playing sometime, someplace.

As I said, don’t feel like y’all HAVE to re-listen to our Watchmen YouTube cuts. It has already been the subject of a couple of threads/posts. I’m just throwing it out there for those of you who may never have heard it and who might like to hear the early Victor.

I wish I could have been at that final performance.:frowning: