The Bad Astronomer, as seen on TV

Just a heads-up. I’m gonna be on the TV show “Encounters with the Unexplained” on (gasp) Pax TV on Sunday. The show delves into mysteries of the Universe, like was Noah’s ark real and were Moses’ toes really corny?

In this episode, it’s about the Apollo Moon hoax. I am of course on the side of Truth, Science and All Things Good. We taped me waving my hands and playing with my boss’s lunar lander model a few months ago, and I have no idea whether I will be edited into oblivion or not. I just hope I don’t look like a stuffed shirt.

You can find out more about the show on their website. The Pax website says the show airs at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, but check your local listings.

I’ll be tuning in looking for an astronomer waving his hands around a model lunar lander.

How awesome! Congrats, TBA (can I call you TBA?)!

Did you make sure to point out the condos in the craters? Ima gonna watch, even though it means watching Pax.
I love rubbing electrons with famous people!

Excellent, TBA!
BTW, When is your NEW BOOK coming out? Where can I get a copy? What’s the exact title? What’s the exact name of the Author? Can you provide me an Amazon or Barnes & Noble link? Or peraps you’ll tell me to Ask your local bookstore to order some!

Cool, BadA! I love those sorts of shows. I think I even can find PAX on my cable.

Hey, I want to go into my local bookstore and get The Bad Astronomer’s new book. Really, what’s the name of the book? It would look really bad if I stormed in and said “I have to have this book. It’s by The Bad Astronomer! Yes, it’s about Astronomy-- now give it to me! Don’t ask me what it’s called, just give it to me!”

Truth Seeker:

Once more

Wow, you really are a Bad-As!

I’ll watch for the show Sunday, and pick up the book next time I go on Amazon.


Cool. I’ll be sure to watch it.

I’m also interested in some obscure book at mistakes in Astronomy. I think it’s called “Mistakes in Astronomy”. :smiley:



I may check it out, if only to see a fellow doper LIVE!!!

Or on tape delay.


It seems to be called Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait. When you’re modest like TBA, you don’t want to get too pushy about your book but I often copy his GQ answers and show them to other people. There’s so much ignorance around today that I’m certain his book will be a valuable reference.

(psst… Phil, when are you going to review The Time Machine? It really needs to be slammed.)

First, thanks for all the nice comments! I may show them to my wife, who does not think my ego needs any boosting. :wink:

Second, I am hoping to watch The Time Machine tomorrow. I have heard nothing but terrible comments from friends, and I happen to know there is a bit of really awful astronomy near the end.

I don’t get Pax TV, but I sure hope you don’t rue the day.

Just saw the program. You did good! I’m moderately surprised that they actually included the valid, convincing points you presented.

TBA, you rock. I just watched it, and much to my surprise, they gave you plenty of time to debunk the conspiracy theorists. Heck, even though PAX-TV tried to keep the “its all a big controversy and we’re not judging either side” thing, by the end the show they were basically saying “yep, folks, what you saw in 1969 is what you got. Why we wasted twenty minutes of your life with this consipiracy stuff is the real mystery.” :slight_smile:

Great job!

I was astonished, yes, astonished that they had more or less equal parts.

Course, we all know that if Fox had ran this, the majority of the country would be convinced of ewoks on the moon.