The Bad Astronomer Featured on Astronomy Picture of the Day!!!

Got Here:

Mmm…standing Eggs!

It should be pointed out that I own the exact same fridge as The Bad Astronomer. I feel all tingly.

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Wow! That is a nice fridge!!!

Who knew astronomers could be so sexy! And handy around the kitchen!

[Groundhog Day]


[/Groundhog Day]

I wonder what the floor looks like.

Hey! Not only is Phil featured in the APOD, Cecil’s own Straight Dope Column is cited in the link in “This long-standing myth loses much of its mystique …”

Sadly, we left that fridge in Maryland when we moved to California. In fact, I have a fridge that is better now. The freezer is on the bottom, which is better because in the northern hemisphere, cold air swirls counterclockwise. But only on the vernal equinox. Really.

So maybe the secret to balancing the eggs was actually the fridge!

It cooled them to just the right temperature to allow the magnetic field of the earth to let them so stand on end at exactly the right time of year and I have no idea what I’m talking about… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are those real granite countertops? sigh

In Spanish culture Columbus is credited with being the first man who stood an egg on end.

In the APOD picture it’s a veneer. I have real granite now though. Got it half off because of a scratch. I have egg images on the new counters, and they look awesome.

I have a friend who is a PhD geologist, and when he first saw them he got kinda lost in thought tracing the veins and inclusions. Pretty funny.

Also, the countertops are magnetic. Lotsa iron in them.