The bad thing about wimmins is...

OK, Cristi, that hurt, dammit!! I can put up with the “not asking for directions” shit, but now you’re walking on thin ice lady!!

Fire is GOOD!! Fire is your friend. Females! Away from sacred grill and get thee to your serving wench duties! So much you do not understand about the Grilling Arts. It is not your place, BEGONE!!! Fire is GOOD, More Fire is GOOD, Beer is GOOD, Flammables are GOOD! Fire, Beer, and Flammables!! Bwahaaaahaaaa!!!

Dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off. :smiley:

Preach on Brother Bluepony !!

If you can catch the beer on fire, then you have achieved something close to nirvana.

FWIW I feel there are not nearly enough gender stereotypes in this thread.


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I don’t care about asking directions or pulling over to look at the map. Not a problem.

But, fer godssakes, don’t ask me to slow down, especially if you do it snotilly. I really, really hate that. I’m not big and muscular, and driving speed’s all the masculinity I have so LET ME DRIVE 70 IN THE 55 ZONE DAMMIT! If you tell me to slow down, I will only drive faster. I know what I’m doing, and if you pester me anymore, I’ll deliberately hit pedestrians. Seriously, don’t mess with me when I can make your ass go from 65-0 in 0 seconds flat, OK?

Oh, now, Coldy, stop a minute…let me tell you something about that, Mister. I can read a roadmap better than most men and not only that, I can fold it back up when I’m done!

< techchick realizes why she’s still single >

It’s not because the men I date are stupid, it’s that I am too smart.

I can work on a computer.
I can work on my car, although I haven’t in a while.
I can work on plumbing or heating with little or no guidance.
I can read a map, but I don’t need to, incredible sense of direction.
I hate housework.
I hate yard work.
I am good at things financial.
I can program the VCR.
I have more CDs than most men.
I wanna be a race car driver.
I like to cook.
I like to hike.
I like football.
I like hockey.
I hate shopping.
I prefer jeans over skirts.
I like men.
I don’t want children.

There’s more, but now I now have a better idea as to why I don’t stay around men too long. They’re too needy – and I am a gay man in a woman’s body.

Hmmm, seems to me that men need to quit thinking that all of us wimmin are useless and there are those of us that just piss you off cuz we can do just as much if not more than you.


OH and I forgot to add:

I am blonde :slight_smile:

TC, I thought you were perfect. Nice to know I was right.

Actually, you could change the title of this to “the bad thing about People is” at least 90% of the time. That’s why I hang out here, to find the other 10%.

To the pit.

Ahhhh damn, how’d this end up in The Pit?


I thought it was kinda funny!

Good work, Unc! Now we can tell these Evil Bitches what we REALLY think of them :wink:

Hey Coldfire,

Suck my tits and caress my…wait, this is The Pit…

Hmmmm, I am at a loss for words.


< giggle >

oh geez, damn pit, I can usually get a handle on it but this thread I can’t.

Damn it UncleBeer!!! I thought I told you NEVER to fucking touch another one of my threads without my permision! Punkboy! :wink:

…and techchick… its obvious to me that you are still single because you are looking for a man when OBVIOUSLY you are a LESBIAN.

As someone once said: As a gay person I have no stake in this men vs. women thing at all. In the battle of the sexes, I’m Switzerland.

I’ve just figured out why you wimmen are constantly trying to get us guys to stop and ask for directions. You’re trying to get rid of us. My mother always told me never to talk to strangers, because she loves me. But the rest of you think I should go up to every weirdo I can find and ask for his help. I guess that guy with the shifty eyes and the “The End is Near” sign should be my best friend just 'cause he’s standing on the side of the road talking to himself. And the fact that he hasn’t bathed in a week is a clear indication that he has the information I want.

Ha! You can’t fool me!

Did someone use the “L” word?

Well, let me give her the once over and see if I’m compatable with Could-be Lesbian Bachelorette Number 1:

>>It’s not because the (wo)men I date are stupid, it’s that I am too smart.
Same here.

>>I can work on a computer.
Same here.

**>>I can work on my car, although I haven’t in a while. **

**>>I can work on plumbing or heating with little or no guidance. **

**>>I can read a map, but I don’t need to, incredible sense of direction. **

**>>I hate housework. I hate yard work. **
Yes, and yes.

**>>I am good at things financial. **

**>>I can program the VCR. **

**>>I have more CDs than most men. **

**>>I wanna be a race car driver. **
I did at one time.

**>>I like to cook. **
I LOVE to cook.

**>>I like to hike. **

**>>I like football. **
Go Chiefs!

**>>I like hockey. **
Hmm…if we had a decent team in KC, yes.

**>>I hate shopping. **

**>>I prefer jeans over skirts. **
50-50 for me.

**>>I like men. **
This answer is obviously an outlier, and is not statistically significant to this study.

**>>I don’t want children. **
Pretty much the same opinion.

>>I am blonde
I could be blonde.

Gee guys, I see a very strong correlation between me and techie. Could it be…soul mates?

What do YOU think, TC?

That’s probably EXACTLY what happened! Sometimes you have to nag or something just won’t get done. And when nagging doesn’t work, the next best thing to do is try to do it yourself and screw it up so he has to fix it. Unless, of course, you’re married to my husband; then you end up either nagging him to fix it or calling your mother to come fix it for you.

I can read a road map. I can fix most minor household problems. (no taking a vent out of a wall for Swiddles!) So what? Yes, we’re better at arguing than you Y-chromosome holdin’ people. You’re just jealous. What you refer to as “turning an argument around” we refer to as the “fake left” move. That’s what they teach us when the guys go to another room during sex ed.

And, now that this is in the pit, fuck you, you llama-squicking, misogynist queef-for-brains! You can all just kiss my lily-white, sweet little female ass. Yall are wonderful about complaining about 60% of the population, but lets see you attempt to go at it alone for a while and time how long it takes before all your clothes are one shade of pink. Bite me!

That’s so cute! Swiddles, you are so adorable when you get mad!

Now run along and do girl stuff, willya hon? The guys and me are discussing important things.

Your right andros, she is pretty funny when she’s mad… cheeks all red… how adorable.

Want to know what happened last time a wimmin tried to mow the lawn??

She got this idea in her little brain that she was going to go out and mow the lawn. 20 min and a quarter of the lawn mowed later I had to go finish it and then replace THREE sprinkler heads and risers that she mowed over and destroyed!!! IT WAS A BRAND NEW MOWER BLADE!!!

God! Stupid woman I said I would do it later!!!