the band "Can"

Does anyone else like this band? I have the albums Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi. Tago Mago is my favourite out of those two, very good album indeed. I’ve just ordered Future Days, Soon Over Babaluma, Loaded and Unlimited Edition.

What’s everyone’s favourite Can album?

Ege Bamyasi is my favorite. Of the ones you have coming, Future Days and Soon Over Babaluma are fantastic; Unlimited Edition really wild (but I wish they’d kept the cover with the mice); Landed not so great, but still worth a listen. At least I hope you’re getting Landed. If you ordered Loaded, you might get a Velvet Underground album.

I once interviewed Holger Czukay for a magazine article.

Hey you!
You’re losin’, you’re losin’, you’re losin, you’re losin’
Your vitamin C!

Yes I meant Landed!

I’m getting the new SACD hybrid remasters, Unlimited Edition comes with the Limited Edition artwork as well. :slight_smile:

I bought **Delay 1968 ** but didn’t get into it. I think I was expecting too much. I’ll have to give it another spin.

Holger Czukay on the other hand - I wore out **Full Circle ** and Movies. Those were life-changing albums (especially Movies) for me.