The bank made an error in my favor

I just got a bank letter regarding my Chase credit card, which I haven’t used in over a year, informing me of this:

WOWW!!! A whole penny!! I am so excited and amazed that a major bank not only owned up to the error, they undertook the necessary steps to correct it! The Fates must be smiling upon me today.

Now my only question is…what should I spend it on?

Carfeful, sounds like a scam to me

I’d invest that back with the bank - by this time next year, you may have doubled your money.

I would hold a contest.

Invite people to make suggestions how to make the bank spend (and waste) their own money to deal with this error.

Whoever gets the bank to waste the most money (the bank’s money) wins.

Have you checked their calculations?

After all, if they made an error before, why would you trust them to get it right this time? Maybe they owe you $.02? You never know until you check.

You could donate it to charity. Do you have a favorite “Give a Penny, Take a Penny” bin at a store?

Monopoly lied to you. Someone owes you $199.99 in restitution.

knock-knock “Penny…?”
knock-knock “Penny…?”
knock-knock “Penny…?”

Buy a yacht!
World Tour!
Rolls Royce!

Oh, wait, that’s if you inherit $100. Nevermind.


Maybe I could tip the cashier at Whole Foods, but I believe they’re not allowed to accept gifts at that store.

You’re so lucky. We don’t even have pennies here any more.

I had paid my student bank loan years ago, or so I thought.

A few months after I though I had paid off the loan I got a warning letter (cost them $0.28 to mail it) that I still owed $0.04.

I taped a nickel to a card and dropped it in an envelope (cost ME $0.28 to mail it). Written on the card was the instruction, “Please return change to me.”

They did. And of course it cost the bank $0.28 to mail my penny to me.

Actually, assuming 8% interest compounded annually, that’s going to take a shade over 9 years. If you can find somewhere that compounds monthly you can cut that down to 8.42 years.

Why does the thread title say “The bank made an error in my favor”, when they made an error in their favor and are now correcting it?