The Barn Server

This is a sincere question for Ed Zotti.

Many Dopers run their own message boards. Instead of depending on outside support, most message board operators have learned, often by trial and error and a lot of experimentation, to maintain the server, update the software, tweak the settings, make regular backups, and otherwise perform the day-to-day technical work necessary to keep their sites up and running.

I know the work that Jerry has done is often thankless and unappreciated. Still, SDMB maintenance seems low on the list of his duties. The upgrade process seems to have stalled; many members have incorrect titles, it’s nearly impossible to easily browse through older messages, and many of the features of vBulletin 3.7 remain disabled. Since Jerry is always diverted away from the SDMB to work on other projects, and the SDMB is more-or-less your site, have you thought about getting underneath the hood yourself? If you can restore a battered, century-old house to its former splendor, getting the SDMB running like a well-oiled machine should be easy.

Whatcha’ think, Ed? I know you’re busy with many other projects, but again, this is one of them too.