The Bastard Children of David Manning

Remember David Manning, Sony Pictures’ fake movie critic who loved everything?

Well now he’s back, in a different form. Hollywood Bitchslap, a supposedly tell-it-like-it-is movie review board (I find them just as fawning as any other review place, but that’s just me) has been inundated with fans posting on their message boards about how excited they are about new movies coming out. These fans saw some trailer and now are completely psyched to see the movie. And sure, they can point you to the trailer! They also have IPs that originate from Paramount and Universal.

Story is here:

With a follow-up here:

I love the part where the guy from Paramount starts getting into a discussion with himself.

What do you think? Trying to shill free advertising on a message board by generating pseudo-hype? Hollywood has a long and varied history of such stunts, so this one doesn’t surprise me, or feel any more creepy than any others. Still, it makes me wonder if any of these shills have found Cafe Society yet.