The Battle for Middle Earth-- Helm's Deep

Nope, I’m not a cutting edge gamer as you can probably tell by how long it has taken me to start playing this game. I play everything on ‘easy’ and am easily frustrated.

However, I enjoy this game so much that instead of giving up after losing Helm’s Deep after losing 7 or 8 times like I usually do, I’ve scoured the internet for winning stratergies. So far the internet has yielded 'make a lot of archers with fire arrows." Well, duh!

I’ve made it as far as Eomer’s army showing up (after doing like in the movie and falling back to the inner wall) but all my beautiful veteran battalions got chewed to bits on the way to rescuing them.

Soooo, how do I get passed Helm’s Deep without destroying all of my level 8 and 9 battalions?

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I’ve played thru this on easy loads of times. I ignore all unit types except for archers, they are your friends. If you have a mixed force start the game over and build only archers. You’re gonna lose your experienced units here but it doesn’t matter as you’ll be starting over with Gondor units after this level.

Before the action kicks off run around and collect the gold inside the deep. Save the refugees to get their gold. Build 2 archeries right behind the deeping wall and build archers as fast as possible. Build farms everywhere possible, you’ll need lots of resources. When the Elves arrive put them above the gates. Buy them fire arrows when you can. Build postern gates next to the main gate and next to the drain in the deeping wall.

When ladders come up send Heros out to take out the ladders, then back inside quickly to heal. Put Legolas and some archers with fire arrows about the drain. Try to take out the bomb carriers as far away as possible. Even if they haven’t put the bomb in the drain they can still destroy the wall if they get too close.

If the wall goes, don’t retreat inside. You need to protect your archeries and your command pillar (or whatever that thing is called). Ignore the gate and mass in the deep until the reinforcements arrive.

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Gamefaqs has some reasonably good guides for games.

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