The Beach Boys Will Be In Town.

So the Beach Boys will be performing here in September.

I will be buying tickets, although I do have some reservations about how good they will be given their age and the demise of Carl Wilson. (And Dennis of course).

Al Jardine looks a bit worse for wear but Mike Love looks fine for his age (special on 60 minutes).

I would love to justify $1250 each for the meet and greet package, but…
Obligatory link.

I saw them in Atlanta, which was the second stop on this tour. Brian Wilson is one of my music heroes, so I really wanted to see these guys on stage together. It was worth it, but Wilson looked half unconscious for most of the show. He looked pretty bad, health-wise, and probably didn’t really want to be there.

It was totally worth it, despise all of that; just don’t get your hopes too high.

Jeez, what are they, 80 years old?

“Help me Rhonda, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

That’s exactly how he looked when I saw the Beach Boys…in 1978.

Worth it! I saw them at the Greek Theater in Berkeley and they were great. I was close enough to see Brian smile a few times, but he did stay seated at the piano until the encore. Dennis and Carl do make appearances, by the way.

Thanks folks. I’ll still be going - but more as a “I’ll never be able to see them again” rather than “the music will be great” treat.

And Gargnu- you now have me intrigued.

I saw them in the late 80’s at RPI. They were arthritic and lame then. It was weird listening to old men sing about “girls”.

Careful you whipper snapper! ( I haven’t quite reached their age).

I did have a work colleague who went to see Gerry and the Pacemakers. He said they were well named.

Wish I could see them here in Tokyo. But they have only one date, Thursday, August 16th…at 4:00PM!?!?!? Huh? Why so early on a non-holiday weekday? Weird.

Brian Wilson performed with the Beach Boys in 1978?

Yep. It was 6/20/78, and I – a newly minted middle school graduate – saw the Beach Boys at the Spectrum in Philly. It was a General Admission show (pre-Who in Cincinnati in 1979) and I was right down front. Brian Wilson was there, but to say he performed is making pretty loose usage of the word. I remember he sat on a piano bench on the right side of the stage and just staring out at the audience. No playing and not much singing.

My parents went to see them here in Cincinnati a few weeks ago and said that they sang surprisingly well, given their age.

That’s because a large portion if the singing was being done by the other (younger) musicians on the stage. Particularly the trademark falsettos.

ETA: The show sounded fantastic, really. Mike Love did a lot of singing, and his voice is every bit as bad now as it was in 1964. That helped create the authentic sound. :wink:

Huh. I saw them in the late 80’s at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (NY) and they were great. I wasn’t expecting much, thinking that they were too old and probably wouldn’t sound that great, but I was really blown away. Their harmonies were perfect and they did a great show.

I also saw them in the late 80’s… iirc, I was 14, which would put it at 25 years ago.
I thought they were old then… they’re still up to it??

I saw them in the mid-60’s! I don’t know why I’m bragging about that. It just means that I’ll be dead sooner than you guys.

Just back from the concert and it was great. They did so many of their big hits- and there were a lot of them- it was difficult to select which one was the best.

I won’t mention that I somehow managed to spring for an extra $130 for a tee shirt, programme, cap and stubby cooler with the beach Boys logo.

Early 70s for me, but yeah. :smiley:

There comes a time when you have to admit that your musical heroes are just too damn old to keep singing.

While I love the Beach Boys, it’s time for them to twiddle their toes in the sand and remember better days.

Resurrecting a zombie. I now live 3000 miles away on the other side of the continent and guess what? The Beach Boys are appearing at Jupiters Casino…
I have tickets and we will stay overnight at the casino. The seats we have I think I will need binoculars to see them, but it is still the Beach Boys!

I guess they will bring Brian Wilson out in an iron lung or something, but I will get a few more tee shirts with “Beach Boys” on them to give my daughters the shits.

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice.