The Beatnik Excoricism Of Senator Joe "Tailgunner" McCarthy.

It happened in 1968, and I remember it like it was an Internet Web-link…

Interesting, but the most interesting thing is that in the 60’s we launched our submarines a bit oddly.

I remember when this happened. Hell, I even had an album by the Fugs. Good times.

I like the word “excoricism” in the thread title. It has a Lewis Carroll “portmanteau” feel to it – combining / conflating “excoriate” (secondary meaning, make a scathing attack on), and “exorcism”.

…I misread that as “exorcism”.

You wins dat Interwebs…and a Chocolate Monkey.

I too came to this post to praise the use of this word. My exploration of its use via Google seems to show that its other internet appearances are all just variations of typos and attempts to spell “exorcism”.

Good job, Bosda!