The Bedfordshire police remove dangerous weapon from the streets


I believe a man with a good aim can throw the thing 40 yards.
Anyone got a flint handy? And a ramrod, frizzen and hammer?

Duels in Bedfordshire just got a lot less interesting.

Wonder what the “class A” drug was. In the U.K. that classification covers such drugs as heroin and crack, but also includes “magic mushrooms”.

From the “Read more online” link:

As a result of the warrant officers recovered cocaine, ecstasy, magic mushrooms and cannabis, as well as £1,000 in cash, pepper spray and a knuckle duster.

It would be kind of awesome if it became trendy for gangsters to walk around with muzzle loading antique firearms. Not like they have a reputation for being good shots to begin with.

Hah, ha. Maybe you could fire it with a lighter? Or a match but then we would have all those matchlock jokes.

“Police seized a length of clothesline today, considered it the firing mechanism for a matchlock.”

That would work, because you’d have to hold it gangsta-style and looking cool it the entire point, isn’t it?

That would take some real balls.

The City of Reno has banned the carrying of whips in the city limits (or something like that). It seems the homeless use them for self protection, maybe as a weapon for robbin’ people. The cracking sound led to numerous reports of gunfire and wasted police time.

Yes, I said whips. That is some old High Plains Drifter bullshit there.

I could see carrying a whip as being triggering too.

On the other hand - Ohio passed a law legalizing concealed knives including switchblades.

I like this comment:

Shame it’s missing key components that stops it from being fired.

Like the trigger, cock and frizzen, and a ram rod.

So unless they were going to convert it into a matchlock, it’s not really going to do much.

Congrats on remove a pipe with a hole in the side though. ! :roll_eyes: