The beginning of the movie "Carrie"

I am just now watching this movie for the very first time ever, and am three minutes and ten seconds into it and I’m like, what the fuck? Why haven’t I heard about this scene? It’s got to be the most blatantly pornographic scene in a mainstream movie. Just all these slow motion lingering shots of completely nude girls showering. Why don’t I ever hear anyone joke about this scene or make references to it? Why don’t they ever have scenes like this anymore in movies? All I see now is a lot of male ass and cocks, and hardly any female nudity.

I think it adds contrast to the humiliation and shock when Carrie starts her period. You get all into young female sexuality, and then it hits you with her bleeding all over the place and the other girls taunting her and throwing tampons at her.

Because then somebody gets her period, which freaks guys out.

Carrie was also made during the 70s when you could get away with scenes like that in a mainsteam movie without much controversy.

BTW, I’m assuming all the actresses in the scene were 18 or older.

This was the decade of “Pretty Baby”, not a safe assumption.

Pornographic? It’s basic nudity with no sexual content at all. You can fantasize all you want, but I’d hardly call it pornographic.

It’s every high school boy’s ultimate fantasy, so whether or not it’s actually intended to be pornographic, I think a lot of boys probably whacked off to it.

Anyway, what is with the Moog-laden instrumental music during the girls’ gym workout that sounds like it was written by Todd Rundgren? I’ve never heard anything so shamelessly drenched in Moog since Edd Kalehoff did his thing for Schaefer Beer.

That was a pretty cool ad. I liked what that dude did to that Moog.