The BEST Concert I've Seen - BLACK KEYS

Last night a friend treated me to see his favorite band, , at The Tabernacle here in Atlanta.


I’m a fan from now on. I need a Black Keys T-shirt and I need all of their cds.

If they come to your area, do yourself a serious favor and check them out. Here’s their schedule from their site:

No Chicago dates? Boo.

They totally rock - did they do mostly stuff off Attack and Release, their latest? Anything off of Rubber Factory?

It’s too bad they have the same configuration of The White Stripes, e.g., guitar and drums, and a similar-enough rootsy/rocking style. They smoke in their own right and deserve a good listen.

Gee I’m sure they played well - I’ve seen them on Letterman, but really the best live concert you have ever seen is a two piece with one of them sitting down behind a kit all night?

I need more information.

I’m thinking, from my experience,* Pink Floyd* or The Stones or *The Clash *or *Led Zep *or Billy Thorpe or The Sex Pistols or even Deep Purple or Elvis Costello, maybe *The Stray Cats.
What did they do?

I can imagine that a two-piece would do it.

I’ve seen Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, the Who, Philip Glass, Heart, John Cougar Mellencamp, Indigo Girls, Michelle Shocked, Isaac Hayes, Dave Brubeck, Billy Joel, Dar Williams, Willy Porter, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (several times).

The best concert I ever saw, by far, was Bobby McFerrin. Just him, alone on the stage.

I saw them in Melbourne last year, and was underwhelmed. I was much more engaged by watching some little pubescent concert-goers getting stoned for the first time. :slight_smile:

Just not my style. I think the best live show I’ve seen would have to be one of the myriad Lucksmiths gigs at the Corner. Or Kate Miller Heidke, or Josh Pyke, at my local in Bendigo. I like the intimate gigs.

Best concert I’ve ever seen was two guys dressed as robots in a big pyramid.

Was it cause there were disco biscuits involved?

caught them at bumbershoot this year opening for STP and they did rock pretty damn hard, it was a nice set.

They didn’t hurt.