The Best Deal I have Gotten Recently

I have been bursting to brag about this for a month or so. My Dad was a telephone man. When he died I inherited his desk. (He had a hobby of stealing office supplies, BTW.)

He had an old dial phone on his desk. It was heavy, made of metal with a ridge on the handset. It did not work. So I went on the internet and found a guy in Arizona who cleaned it up and installed a modern plug on it. Total cost? $39.00. I cannot recall the last time I have gotten so much fun from so little money. It rings with wonderful metal bells.

So before I left town I sent the guy an old wooden wall phone, the sort with a crank. I enclosed $100 to get him started on the repairs. My brother just got it back in the mail. Restored and working for %95! He sent me a fiver in change!

When I get home, I am going through the basement for more old phones.

Wonderful, wonderful.

How did you find out about the Arizona guy?

He was the first Google hit when I entered something like Antique Telephone Repair. It was all very scientific. PM if you want the contact information.

Post deleted at poster’s request.

That’s too cool. I love old phones and I hope you find more to add to your collection.