The best "grocery store" hotsauce.

Actually I have tried two of them. Both of them advertised as “hot:”

  1. HEB brand, which lives up to its name. Very tasty. Better than Pace.

  2. Safeway select. THere are no Safeways in Houston anymore, But they bought out Randall’s. Once the largest grocery store in Houston. Then they bought out Winn Dixie and Piggly Wiggly, with their staggering debt. Suprise! They ended up deeply in debt. Safeway bought Randall’s out, but wisely has not changed the name. But they have Safeway select brands in the store.

I digress. It sucked. Maybe it would be considered “hot” in New Jersey, but I would not even call it mild.

Any other grocery store hotsauces sampled?