The Best Subsaharan African Country To Live In?

Let’s say I’m a rich American and don’t need to work. So I want to live in Africa, specifically the subsaharah. In otherwords black africa.

Right away I want to exclude, South Africa because it’s the most Westernized of Africa’s countries.

Assuming that money isn’t an issue, (let’s say I have millions) what country would be best for an American (or Westerner) to live in that would have decent weather, medical, freedom to choose my religion and not overtly anti-Western.

Every where I looked there seemed to be issues like with Botswana seems a resonable place to live the so called “African” experience, but it’s medical facilitites are deemed poor, mainly because instead of developing them they rely on South Africa for anything difficult.

Gabon has one of the highest scores on the Human Development Index; the only country on the mainland of sub-Saharan Africa with a higher score is Equatorial Guinea, which is much smaller.

Gabon has a small population and is relatively wealthy due to oil and other resources. There seems to be little ethnic or political conflict. I can’t say much about the health care system, but I think Gabon overall wouldn’t be a bad choice.

If you have that kind of money, you can keep a good Western doctor and nurse on staff. With that, I’d head for Madagascar.

Sine you’ve already excluded the best, I’d say Botswana or Namibia.

It really depends on what you want to do while living in the lap of luxury. Do you want to drive around on safari? Dine at 5-star restaurants every night? Stay at home and be waited on hand and foot while watching MTV? Every country (withe possible exception of Zimbabwe) has something to offer. Depends on what you want.

My brother was just out there. It’s a complete and utter shit-hole.

Well, Kobi Alexander picked Namibia, but I think the lack of an extradiction treaty played a part in his decision.

Namibia is fairly westernized as well. Remember, it was once part of South Africa. Check out Windoek with Google Earth, and notice how closely it resembles a suburb in in New Mexico or Arizona.