The Best Xbox Game You've Never Played

As I scanned the shelves of the local EBGames I came across a title that sounded a little familar - Deathrow. It was used and so the price, normally a paltry $15, was maked at $10. Hmmm, says I. In attempt to be frugal (and not get stuck with a sucky game) I ran home to try to find a review . I read it, went back to the store, bought it, and I have been loving it for months. Buy this game. I bring it up later than sooner because my thinking was that this was a scam that I got over on EBGames but I stopped by there the other day and they had another copy (new, not used). I have bought a copy for a friend and they’re having a blast with it too. Give a great game a try at a price that is a fraction of a newer game.