The Big Bang / Evolution

It seems that people either believe in both the big bang and evolution, or neither. I suppose this is because of the two groups of people: those who believe in science and those who believe in certain religions.

But are there people who believe in the big bang theory, but not evolution . . . or the reverse? I don’t mean isolated individuals, but specific groups of people, e.g. certain religions or followers of certain philosophers?

Old Earth Creationists, probably the most prominent of whom is Hugh Ross, usually believe that God initiated it all via TBB.

Evolution is quantifiable scientific fact, it doesn’t require belief. But I would note there are plenty of theoretical physicists who have moved ‘beyond’ the current Big Bang hypothesis and into other possible explanations, guys such as Michio Kaku. They postulate other possible explanations, such as multiverse systems or wotnot. It doesn’t change things much for our universe, but only that, what we currently think of as the ultimate beginning, could be simply a common and continuous happening. They would all certainly still accept the evidence from evolution though, so would potentially fit into your second box.

Fred Hoyle, who invented the term “Big Bang” to make fun of the theory, thought the universe was in a “steady state” that didn’t have particular “beginning”. But he also thought that humans evolved with their holes in their noses pointing downward so that space-germs wouldn’t fall into them from above. So I’d say that’s pretty strong evidence that he believed in evolution.

Most of the time when you hear of people disputing evolution it’s not evolution they are disputing but HOW evolution comes about. For instance, Darwin’s theory of evolution, is only one way evolution comes about, there are other theories about how it comes about.

Same with TBB, most of science accepts it, and when they differ they are arguing the points about how it came about.

Does that same group believe that God used evolution to end up with us, or do they believe in a special creation?

Natural Selection is hard science, it’s observable.

I’ve never understood how people can be so firm about the origin of the universe, there’s no way to prove anything and getting worked up over it is just silly.

I always wondered why people were inclined to believe that there was a beginning. Perhaps there has always been a universe and it is simply ever-changing.

Most Old Earth Creationists I know believe God used evolution, and are virtually indistinguishable from their atheistic counterparts. But I know a few who believe that God specifically stepped in to create humanity. They are the ones that believe that the story in Genesis is accurate, but was actually a re-Creation. Or they believe that God stepped in and gave some monkey-like creatures souls ala 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I’m not sure ‘believe’ is the right word, but I am a ‘fan’ of multiverses, many worlds, many dimension, many eternities, etc…

I also ‘feel’ evolution is not possible in most other ‘realms’ due to their ‘laws of physics’ (or their analogs) setting up constraints in those realms precluding life.

The reason people are sure about the Big Bang is that the theory made specific predictions which were confirmed by Penzias and Wilson. There are several other confirmed predictions.
We didn’t see evolution work in the past, though we do see speciation today, but it also has made many confirmed predictions. The two cases are not that dissimilar.

Hey, don’t blame me. It was like that when I got here.

Most OEC’s I have read accept varying levels of animal evolution but draw the line when it comes to humans. Those who believe God used evolution to create humanity usually just call themselves Theistic Evolutionists.