The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 20 (April 6, 2017) -- "The Recollection Dissipation"

Quiet growl. So Klingon cats don’t even purr. I love this!

Yeah this was a pretty good episode. The cast does seem a little bored though. Two more seasons seems crazy to me.

I love any episode in which Sheldon dances. I used to raise praying mantises, and I didn’t know their bodies could move like that.

Where have I seen that bartender before. On a sit-com, I think. With a hot wife maybe?

His name is Joel Murray and he’s quite a prolific character actor. It says he’s been in over 250 sitcom episodes. Plus, he’s the youngest of the Murray brothers.

Pete Kavanagh, Dharma & Greg’s pal. Jane was his wife.
Also he starred in the film God Bless America in 2011.

Mad Men! That’s where I knew him from.

It’s Dharma & Greg I was remembering him from. Thanks.

Without her, they have a backlog of their quota of infectious outbreaks and terrible lab accidents to fulfill.

Thanks so much! I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to remember where I knew him from.

Both Jim Parsons and Sheldon Cooper are from Texas. It’s about time they got him into a cowboy bar.

All Klingon words are expletives!


I kinda surprised they didn’t do “Soft Kitty” in Hebrew, since Mayim Bialik actually speaks that.

Yeah, but there’s no reason that Amy Farrah Fowler would speak Hebrew. The character isn’t Jewish. In one episode she explicitly says that she isn’t Jewish.

AFF isn’t Navajo or Mandarin either, and she’s never shown any evidence of speaking German before. The only thing she’s ever said was that she once spent a semester in Norway. It would have been a funny in-joke if she’d done it in Norwegian. Actually, Bialik speaks Yiddish too. Maybe that’s why German. I’ve never tried to memorize anything in German, but I’m told it’s easy because the languages are close.

It’s pretty common to require a reading knowledge of a foreign language (usually French or German) to get a Ph.D.

Are Klingons the only race to have invented interstellar travel before the vowel?

My father got his with Russian, and my mother knew eight languages, but none of them was French or German-- 'course, her degree was in Slavic linguistics.

I would think that for neuroscience, you might need Latin.

Do you know anyone with a Ph.D. in neuroscience? I don’t know of any science Ph.D. program where the language requirement is in Latin. Latin may be required in certain fields of history, philosophy, or theology, but I don’t think it is required in any science.

Also, yes, the third most common language for a language requirement for a Ph.D. is Russian.