The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 20 (April 6, 2017) -- "The Recollection Dissipation"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

OMG, did I laugh tonight? Great episode.

I loved Howard’s confession. That was so bad (in a funny way).

“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” was great.

In before the naysayers-- I laughed and laughed!

Also counting on the Nitpickers to tell me if all those renditions of Soft Kitty worked.

I really, really enjoyed this episode. I’m still loving the “Sheldon Starts To Grow Up” storyline*, Raj was used smartly–Stu is a better pathetic sad-sack than Raj, and you don’t need to of them. I liked him here as socially awkward but smart/useful. They’re still (IMO) over-bitching Bernie. She needs to chill out (at least towards pre-Confession Howard) a lot. I don’t mind her being a major hardass, stone-cold bitch to everyone else, but I’d prefer to see a softer side to her when she’s with Howard.

And I loved the multiple versions of Soft Kitty. I would have liked if they’d added a few others: English->French (or Spanish)->German->Russian->Mandarin->request for Navajo.

*Which I’m hoping Chuck Lorre doesn’t fuck up, but suspect will.

I’d be surprised if the soft kitty alternate language versions were not accurate.

A couple of years ago, there was scene between Penny and Amy that required Amy to bounce quarters into a beer mug. Mayim Bialik said she practiced and practiced so that she could do it the scenes.

Dancing Sheldon is always good for laughs. Jim Parsons is at his best when he is doing physical comedy.

Great episode that was over too soon. This should have been a two-parter, with them visiting several locations, and also taking a little more time with Bernadette’s story. That got wrapped up to neatly. There needs to be a part 2 where she actually goes back to work, with a little suspense.

I can’t believe they passed up the opportunity to do it in Ubbi Dubbi.

Brilliant. And Klingon, of course. :slight_smile:

I loved Amy’s line about not needing butter on her toast. :eek:

Several laugh out loud scenes for me. I guess Sheldon has come a long way from The Pancake Batter Anomaly, where he was a complete baby about being sick. This time he was going to power through it.

Would Sheldon truly be in trouble for leaving his Top Secret notebook at the bar? Or are we to assume no one understood it, so no biggie?

No butter. Ew. I loved the Soft Kitty Warm Kitty in different languages.

I do like how they’re handling Bernadette. She was scared and ambivalent over being pregnant, now she’s real word ambivalent and guilty about going back to work. Considering she makes a “butt load” of money I’m not sure the Wolowitzes can maintain their lifestyle with just Howard’s income.

Looks like next week the gang steps up to get Raj a girlfriend.

For me, while I like the idea of real-world ambivilance, I don’t like how she treats Howard about it. If their genders were reversed* it would be considered spousal abuse. And if she treats Howard so badly that he’s figuring he did something wrong rather than “Maybe she’s just in a bad mood”, she really shouldn’t be allowed around the baby.
*And if the husband had the same temperament and ability to intimidate

He would be in trouble for having it outside of a properly secured facility unless it was packaged in accordance with regulations and he was certified as a courier taking it from one secured place to another.

Of course, when does reality have anything to do with storylines? :smiley:

Oh, that would have been fantastic!

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to that!

Does Klingon even have a word for ‘soft’?

Apparently it’s “tun.”

I just looked it up. Apparently “Soft” in Klingon is “tun”

So the first two lines are:

**Tun ghu-vlghro’, qup-tuj ghu-vlghro’
**Soft little cat, less hot little cat
mach QujmeH moQ , veD
**little ball of fur

You have to finish it.

So no word for kitty or warm?

Your wish is my command. See below (and with the corrected translation.

I wasn’t surprised by a lack of word for “kitty” or “kitten” but “warm” surprised me,’

Tun ghu-vlghro’, qup-tuj ghu-vlghro’
Soft baby cat, less hot baby cat

mach QujmeH moQ , veD
little ball of fur

Quch ghu-vlghro’. Doy ghu-vlghro’
Happy baby cat, tired baby cat

yIjatlhQo’ jachtaHvIS, yIjatlhQo’ jachtaHvIS, yIjatlhQo’ jachtaHvIS
quiet growl, quiet growl, quiet growel

So it’s an expletive. :wink: