Big Bang Theory 10/18--The Re-Entry Minisation

Nobody started a thread? I thought this episode was great. It actually made me feel sorry for Howard Wolowitz. And having Howie Mandell was a nice touch.

The scene with Penny & Amy kissing Sheldon was perfect.


“Suck it down and keep eating!” That had me in fits. I really loved this episode.

I didn’t care for the pictionary bit. I think Sheldon is smart enough to realize a mass produced game is unlikely to contain esoteric physics terms as answers.

Did like the makeup on Bernadette’s nose. Slightly exaggerated, but it worked to convey her illness.

It’s a funny show, but I sometimes feel like I should be looking for Joseph Goebbels’s writing credit.

we fill each others holes.

with AFF prior episode possessiveness of Sheldon, i was surprised of her not having a negative response to Penny kissing him. though maybe kissing him also was all she could do to not let Penny have the advantage. AFF not having a negative response might be due to her lingering love for Penny; AFF is bi.

Just as Sheldon can’t detect sarcasm, he can’t allow for context.

“It’s a quark-gluon plasma! It’s asymptotically free partons inside a quark-gluon plasma! It’s an observational rebuttal of the Lambda-CDM model of the universe!” :smiley:

If you want someone to guess “chocolate chip cookie” you draw a glass of milk next to it!

As long as Howard is married to Bernadette, no one should ever feel sorry for him on any account.

I noticed some of it on her index finger in one scene (after she “woke up”) from repeatedly rubbing it, heh.

I loved Sheldon’s Pictionary of “present”–with him drawing himself drawing two boxes on his board, heh.

A three-way with Penny and Sheldon would be Amy’s dream come true.

I actually figured out that it was Marie Curie. How sad is that?

But did you know that the word was “polish”?

No, and I’m still kicking myself.

This episode didn’t knock my socks off, but that’s okay.

My only cry of “Foul!” comes from the vanity card, which ends with a cliff-hanger supposed to be picked up after the next episode of “Two-and-a-Half Men.”

I have enjoyed that show in as much as you can stumbling across it from time to time, but never to seek it out - and even then, I would never linger on the watered-down Ashton Kutcher version. To find out the ending of a vanity card bit? Screw that, jerk.

Chuck Lorre puts all his vanity cards online.

Oh, thanks for reminding me; I’d been meaning to look that up - see, you don’t have to watch the show to read the cards (I don’t know how quickly they’re posted, though).

Yes, well even without that resolution I was pretty sure there was no just and loving God.

I mean, after all.

Great episode.

It’s ‘polish’ with a small p.