The Big Bang Theory 10/25--The Holographic Excitation

The Big Bang Theory - The Holographic Excitation (Preview)
The gang celebrates Halloween at Stuart’s comic book store, while, Leonard seduces Penny with science. PLUS a cameo by Buzz Aldrin

Didn’t he try that on their first ‘date’ and it didn’t go well?

Buzz was great.

Smurfette never looked better.

It was inevitable and yet thoroughly enjoyable.

Nice to see Penny acknowledge that Leonard is her boyfriend. Great Smurf costumes. Sheldon’s C3PO suit was pretty good, in fact too good to make us think it could be done by someone without a studio budget. I keep asking myself why they’re expanding Stuart’s role. Love that look that Leonard has walking back to the cafeteria after his romp in the lab.

why Sheldon didn’t want to dress like the Curies was not in keeping with past jokes.

they showed a bunch more science than usual and it had some flaws. i’m not a humorless geek and so i’m not complaining because it was still plenty funny.

Loved the costume ideas–of course, one of AFF’s suggestions was Blossom and Joey.

And I think I laughed the loudest at Sheldon’s shaking of Leonard’s fist-bump attempt in the opener.

AAMazing. Moon pie, all naughty police officers, really ? This is really to funny and good writing.

I didn’t like the way they wrote Penny this week. Seemed like they dumbed her down way more than usual.

Did like the hologram in the lab, and Leonard’s happy dazed look.

Thought Sheldon’s costume was stupid. A Raggedy Andy wig on C3PO? Really? He could have killed as Raggedy Andy, and Amy could have appealed to his competitive side to get him to do it.

Huge kudos to the writers for giving us Bernadette in two different nighties. That could be a whole episode. Or a Season. Or a spinoff…

Between Smurfette and Erin on the office dressed up as a puppy, I’ll be spending most of tomorrow in mah bunk.

Yeah, but she hops in the bed too soon. She needs to parade around like that for a while.

At first, I thought they were supposed to be Raggedy Ann and Android.

Did I miss a scene where Penny decides she’s not breaking up with Leonard? The last remember, she had sex instead of breaking up because of his puppy-dog look. Then she got mildly possessive when Sheldon’s assistant (is she gone?) seemed a bit too keen on him.

They’re going to have to expand Stuart if they’re keeping Raj. P.S., not enough Raj this episode.

I don’t know if Chuck Lorre is trying to uber-sex-up his shows or what, but after TBBT, on ‘Two and a Half Men’ they brought back Rose and had her parading around in some skimpy stuff.

I thought what they had of Raj was super annoying. Even more so than Howard talking about space all the time.

OMG, they really should have said that, or just ‘Raggedy Android’ for him. :smiley:

I thought this was one of the most boring episodes they’ve ever done. I hope this is a fluke and not an indication that they’ve jumped the shark.

well, last week was a really good episode. I think the writing for this show is just wildly uneven, unfortunately. but I don’t think it’s jumped any shark.

Or a DVD, the sort that’s sold in stores with blacked-out windows and “Must be 18 to enter” on the door.
It seems like the writers are working up to a crisis with Amy and Sheldon - she is starting to press him to act more like a real boyfriend. And of course, she’s horny - I imagine she’ll demand he sleep with her. Sheldon losing his virginity might be comic gold. Or it might be a disaster.

I’m a Whovian, too, so I loved Penny and Leonard getting their freak on in the TARDIS!

Funny, I had the opposite reaction: I kept expecting her to respond to the holograms with blank looks and “wha?” I was pleased that they made her smart enough to follow what Leonard was saying, and also smart enough to realize/remember how smart he is (and smart enough to tell him so).