The Big Bang Theory, Season 11, Episode 24 (May 10, 2018) -- "The Bow Tie Asymmetry"

He also speaks near the end of their movie Penn and Teller Get Killed (1989)

Yeah, Stuart was great! And I think he impressed his new assistant (can’t think of her name), so I’ll bet they will be a couple soon. Nifty!

I’m really glad they didn’t do that. It would have been stupid fan service, instead of actual humor.

It was a nice bit of continuity - Kripke had the hall booked for the date they wanted the wedding. Part of the deal made to get him to give it up was that he got to sing the recessional.

The girls killed it this episode.

I wonder if they’ll follow through with the Raj/Missy thing that was hinted at. Missy liked Raj in that past episode, and it looks like she’s available and he’s interested.

I don’t know if was deliberate, but Missy reminded me of the younger version of the character from Young Sheldon.

I’m confident that was deliberate. TBBT constrains YS, but YS constrains TBBT too. They had to bring in an adult Georgie, for instance (and I hope we see more of him). The teaser at the end of YS worked just fine, since they’re two halves of the same show.

Those vows were very well written and very well acted. Amy’s dress looked fine for her, too.

If Kathy Bates was just “Mrs. Fowler”, did that mean Teller is “Mr. Farah”?

I don’t care who they hook Raj up with next year, as long as it’s somebody. His whining has been tiresome for years. At least the writers are letting Stuart up off the floor.

At the risk of being whooshed, I think “Farrah” (as in Farrah Fawcett) is Amy’s middle name, not a hyphenated part of her last name.

Answered above (she is the new assistant at Stuart’s now popular comic shop)
There was a scene earlier when Stuart asked her to go to the wedding but she was reluctant because Staurt is her boss, but once she found out that Mark Hamill was going to be there she was all in. In the earlier episode she correctly IDs comics Sheldon would be interested in (Amy gets a bit jealous, so she learns some comic stuff, but when she tries to talk to Sheldon about it he is sick of comic talk)
(I like the character)

Anyhow, the real reason I responded is it turns the actress also recently played Bree Garland, the women whose body Lucifer accidentally puts the soul of Abel into (in the TV show Lucifer)


Yeah, Stuart was hysterical, especially combined w/ MH’s cluelessness (“Chewbacca had a wife?”)

I also liked Raj thinking about coming on to Sheldon’s pregnant sister when she said she was separated.

Good ep. Usually I expect “special” eps like wedding to suck, whereas this was a high point for me compared to relatively uninteresting/unfunny recent eps.

I also started watching YS - and probably prefer it now over BBT. The dueling aged lotharios were really sweet!

Her name is Denise, BTW. No last name given. It’s probably the same as Penny’s.

Loved Mark Hamill. Celebrities playing themselves can go either way, but he was hilarious. And I thought Amy’s line was great, in response to Sheldon calling him an upgrade from Wil Wheaton: “Another sci-fi guy with a beard? Seems like a lateral move.”

Also, about that stinger at the end of Young Sheldon, didn’t Sheldon tell Amy he wanted 15 kids?

Especially considering that, in real life, Mayim Bialik is a huge Star Wars fan.

I thought this episode was a lot of fun. The dress really worked on Amy.

My favorite line: “I’m Wil Wheaton.”

Was it mentioned where they were going for their honeymoon?

If not, where would SHAMY go for their honeymoon?

The large Hadron collider near Geneva, Switzerland, of course. The happy couple will fly to London (because in London they speak English) then connect by train to Geneva.

I thought the two best lines were Sheldon’s “Wolowitz got us an upgrade,” and Mark Hamill’s perfect delivery of the question “Who are you?”

Question: Is this the first time a Star Wars and a Star Trek actor have had a scene together?

I thought Wolowitz’s whistle-tone geek out over Mark Hamill was extremely well done. Also Leonard’s peripheral sighting of the formulas on the mirror and slow absorption by the concept was brilliant.

Mayim Bialik positively glowed. She totally embraced this one, and did Amy proud. The wardobe folks should also get a prize.

Agree with everyone re: Stuart/shopgirl and Raj/Missy. Raj would make a fantastic stepfather.

I have to argue that Teller didn’t speak, he whispered. I kinda feel bad for the guy. It was never meant to be a life-long vow of silence, and the meme has to be constraining his career.

Very odd for Mrs. Hofsteader to have missed Sheldon’s wedding.

IMHO though, the writers should be taken to the woodshed over Sheldon’s vows. There’s not a snowball’s chance in Hades that Sheldon Cooper would have showed up at that church without a stack of 3x5 cards containing his formal agreement including a couple of spots for opt-in from Amy. Nope, nope, NOPE!

As a YS fan, I loved adult Georgie.

I pictured Leonard breaking the news to him and Wil asking “What should I do?” Leonard responding “I dunno, go stand by Georgie.”

But yeah, it was a simple thing and would have been great. Somebody said it would have been “Fan service.” I’m not sure how much of this show would pass that test. Wil Wheaton? Mark Hamill? Is there really any other purpose for those story lines?