The Big Bang Theory, Season 11, Episode 24 (May 10, 2018) -- "The Bow Tie Asymmetry"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Wait… has Teller ever spoken before?

So, so, so much better than Penny and Leonard’s wedding. I was afraid there were too many special guests and they’d be wasted like Penny and Leonard’s but it all fit nicely together. Hubby, a casual TBBT watcher, laughed all the way through.

At least once.

Teller stole the episode - his non-talking parts were great.

The real spoiler was during Young Sheldon where he discovers the joy of writing contracts, and says that he wrote one with his wife and also with his children..

Yeup! Plural, even.

Was Amy’s tiara a part of her headpiece? I couldn’t tell.

I feel like Will Wheaton got shafted.

He knows his place in the geekdom hierarchy.

I haven’t watched in a long time. Who’s the cute babe who was Stuart’s date?

Well, how Mark Hamill showed up was slightly less far-fetched than when Stevie Wonder showed up on The Cosby Show.

His new clerk at the comic book store. When Neil Gaiman gave the store a good review, business picked up enough that he could hire someone.


Mayim Bialik likes to share some behind-the-scenes details whenever a significant Amy episode airs. Here’s what she had to say about this one.

She’s a huge Star Wars fan, and I think the producers brought Mark Hamill on for her sake this time.

MeMaw wasn’t there… also, I thought maybe Beverly Hofsteder would attend…

Nice eppy ruined by the Kripke lounge lizard at the end. Seriously, Kripke needs to have a heart attack alone someplace and die because the 911 operator can’t understand where he says he’s at. I found it out of character for Amy to forget about the wedding to help Sheldon in a field she knows very little about.

Search “Teller speaks” on YouTube, and you’ll find lots of clips of him talking. Here, for example, is an extensive speech explaining why he doesn’t speak. :slight_smile:

His silence is part of his magic performance, but he’s perfectly willing to speak in other contexts.

Another funny episode. And again, it is the ladies who are particularly funny. Sheldon was also great, as was … Stuart. Usually Stuart’s character isn’t funny just sad, but last night he was very funny. I like this new Stuart. Hamill and Wheaton were also good. Wheaton plays a self-important jerk so well.

I found the Kripke bit slightly humorous (nice they brought him back) - but no one likes him as I recall, so why would he be invited, much less given the recessional? Although it would be entirely within character for him to just decide he should be the wedding singer - Shamy were exchanging glances as the marched out.

It’s not that Teller doesn’t ever speak, it’s that when he does it tends to be a very profound moment. In the case of this episode, I loved how he kept being interrupted, forcing him to not be able to speak throughout the episode, and when he finally was able to, it was a very heartfelt, “Thank you,” to Penny for shutting up Amy’s mother.

Overall, a great bit of humor.

When Wil Wheaton was replaced with Mark Hamill, why didn’t he ask “So where am I to go?” nd George Cooper would say “You can stand by me.” That joke wrote itself.

The whole Mark Hamill thing was great from start to finish. I knew who would be the dog’s owner and what Wolowitz would ask him to do. It went off perfectly.

And yes, Sheldon saying for the first time “my wife,” and then adding “and even my children” was a jaw breaking, jump up and down surprise.

My part of New Jersey had an hour long thunder and lightning hailstorm during Big Bang/young Sheldon? How cool is that?