EVIL WILL WHEATON ALERT--The Big Bang Theory 11/11--"The 21-Second Excitation"

Be sure to watch this one, even if you’ve never seen the show before.


I loved this episode !! Laughed a lot; loved the three girls “bonding”

Yes, and very clever shooting to hide Kaley Cuoco’s busted wheel.

Yeah, I completely forgot about her breaking her leg. I loved the scene at the end when Amy causally decides to experiment with lesbianism with Penny.

It was quite good but very telling.

Did you notice how whiny an annoying the guys were? Yet the girls were funny.

Amy is saying line for line, words that would normally come out of Sheldon’s mouth. BUT and here’s the thing, she’s saying them like the Sheldon character USED to say them.

But coming from Amy these lines are not annoying sounding but are very funny.

The girls were excellent together. While Sheldon is getting more and more over the top. Would Sheldon really steal a movie?

I can see the character being frustrated but isn’t Sheldon pretty darn honest.

When Penny is with Sheldon, she controls the annoying aspect of him. In tonight’s episode Sheldon gets annoying and Leonard just shrugs and asks, “Can you deal with him?” Hardly funny or interactive.

I must say I liked the girls segment a lot. Mayim Bialik was never one of my favourites, but she is really holding her own here and doing a great job.

I second the end where she decides to experiment with lesbianism.

That was blatantly out of character, too, really. Amy Farrah Fowler has never shown the faintest desire to experiment with heterosexuality.

Amy Farrah Fowler has never shown the faintest desire to bond with the girls, either. As they say in show biz, “if you buy the premise, you buy the joke.”

Did everyone notice that Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch are now featured in the opening credits?

Yes. To thwart Wheaton, he’d do just about anything.

I really liked the episode. I watched by myself and giggled the whole time.

And I guess we will see the Penny/Leonard romance rekindled next week?

It’s been well established that in normal controlled circumstances, Sheldon is very careful and in control. But when he passes breaking point, he is immediately irrational and reckless. I think that’s been mostly consistent, keeping in mind it is a sitcom, where strict rules rarely apply.


I always had a crush on Blossom as a kid :smiley: and Amy Farah Fowler is SUCH an Aspie! The scene with the crowd running out ot the theatre reminded me of Blazing Saddles for some reason.

You know, really, it’s only Leonard that I find whiny.

I agree he was in the beginning a little flatter. But this is just character growth. It’s not at all annoying. His nagging was slightly annoying, but that was dialogue, not performance. In fact, I was impressed by Sheldon admitting to being afraid of Zombies. That was a cool moment. The only fail for Sheldon this episode was his awful attempt at impression.

Yup! In the past I have been OK with the writing for her character, but found the performance to be totally flat. She’s been just reading the lines with no emotion. Which is the right start, but does not complete the equation. Either the writing for her overwhelmed her poor acting, or else her acting stepped up a notch. Not sure which.

She wasn’t really experimenting with her sexuality. She was going through the motions of a social bonding ritual. It was established at the beginning of the episode that she was trying to bond with Sheldon’s friends (by arbitrarily taking their side), and it’s not a big step from there to taking advantage of the “Girl’s night” opportunity that arose. We’re starting to see that while some of her social attempts are merely to placate her Mom, others actually stem from a vague tingle of remnants of feeling left out earlier in life.


Wheaton does evil too well!

Okay, she wants to bond with the girls, and bond with Sheldon’s friends; why no effort to “bond” with Sheldon when she had the chance?

Leonard and Sheldon are an old sexless married couple.

Because she wasn’t reading a list off the Internet about expected behaviour in that social situation, and she and Sheldon are comfortable enough in each other’s presense to not feel the need to go to extraordinary lengths to “bond”. Not that interacting with Sheldon is “social” in any sense of the word.

By virtue of his three appearances of the show, I think Wil Wheaton can be totally forgiven for his Wesley Crusher youth. He was on the screen for three minutes and stole the show.

Did anyone else initially think it was Wil texting Sheldon?

Did I miss a scene where he got a text, or do you mean you initially interpreted the crank call as a text?

But, yeah, I totally thought the call was from [del]Jar Jar[/del]Wil. That made it even funnier when it turned out to be from Penny.

Calling Sheldon. Sorry!

No, it was an homage to The Blob – up to and including the name of the theater, the Colonial.

twicks, who lives near Phoenixville, home of the original Colonial (where they filmed that scene in the movie [no idea about last night]), which holds a Blobfest every summer