The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 11 (December 17, 2015) -- "The Opening Night Excitation"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I don’t know why they keep giving away the episode in the promos. Still, it doesn’t show if they actually go through with it.

Assuming sweaty snugglebunnies do occur, what do you think of the possibility of a pregnancy occurring? It’d certainly be a jolt and provide many new story lines for the rest of this season and the next two. Well, maybe not many, but within that story arc there’d be lots of episode food.

I’m hoping Amy and Sheldon know enough to use protection. I know it’s not 100% effective, but still.

I’m still going with my theory that once Shamy do the “dance with no pants” Sheldon will start having scientific breakthroughs and get his Nobel Prize. This was hinted at in the episode where Penny and Sheldon go see a psychic (Penny’s idea, of course, since psychics are not merely hokum, but malarkey.)

What are the chances that they go through with it and Sheldon thinks it’s the most disgusting, dumb thing he’s ever done and hates it? Or, better yet, Amy hates it.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Amy doesn’t like it and, knowing how obsessive Sheldon is, he’ll go on an erotic walkabout trying to improve his technique. Or Leonard can’t pry Sheldon’s sticky hands away from the porn on his computer.

No pregnancies! NONE! Nope-- uh-uh!

I could see that happening.

That would be really sad, seeing how sex-hungry Amy is. What if Amy were so sex-hungry that she exhausted Sheldon completely, to the point that his intellectual faculties slow down for a bit, and he FINALLY glimpses with unusual serenity the breakthrough he’s been looking for in his science work.

I would love it if Sheldon finds the actual sex repulsive, but decides that he needs it in order to stay productive in his scientific endeavors. And Amy loves it, but finds that she is endlessly distracted by her lusty thoughts for Sheldon, and can no longer concentrate on her work.

Golly, that sounds mean! But I would find it vaguely amusing…

I can picture one, or both, of them saying something inadvertently hilarious about it on social media.

You can tell how momentous the occasion was because there was a shoulder sighting.

Wow. They got this exactly right, with wonderful touches all the way through.

And no matter how I phrased that, the sentence contained double entendres. I give up. Touches it is.

My DVR cut off the last little bit between Newhart and Sheldon. Can anyone tell me what they discussed?

[spoiler]Arthur came back because he was curious.

Arthur: How’d it go?
Sheldon: It was amazing. I saw it a few days later. What a movie.
Arthur: What about Amy?
Sheldon: She liked it fine. But she doesn’t have the history with the franchise I do.
Arthur: Ok. Good talk.[/spoiler]


I got so nervous waiting to see that show. And now I can’t move.

Yes. I’m pretty sure they took longer than they usually do to write this one.

A bit of Newhart and Wheaton to add a bit of sanity, a small dash of Stuart, and some Bernie and Penny minorly screwing with Sheldon. We never get to see too much of Bernie and Sheldon playing off each other.

There’s only one thing I’m unsure about, but I won’t mention it tonight, even spoilered. Maybe tomorrow or the day after.

Oh, and I will force choke anyone who says “Worst episode ever”.

As always when he appears, I thought Wil Wheaton was the best part of the episode. “Live long and suck it!” Though Sheldon’s line about looking forward to Amy’s next birthday was pretty good too.

I loved Wil Wheaton showing up in a Star Trek uniform (old school, not Next Gen) and the reaction of the guys mirroring the reaction of Sheldon and Amy.

Perfect Sheldon. He liked it and is looking forward to Amy’s next birthday. How long before he figures out he doesn’t have to wait that long?

Good to see Ghost Bob Newhart again.

Interesting to see Mayim’s shoulders, considering her modesty clause.

Overall, stellar (heh) episode.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought they purchased tickets for this movie in an earlier episode.

In any case, I enjoyed this episode.

You heard it here first.