The Big Bang Theory 2/24--"The Toast Derivation"

Sheldon struggles to cope when he realizes it’s actually Leonard who is the center of their social group.

Outstanding Episode but the ending really broke me up. I love Sheldon wondering about the deep sighs. I love the way Amy Farrah Fowler cuts Penny and all while meaning well.

LeVar Burton is making the rounds of my favorite sitcoms. Community last week and the best laugh of tonight.

That was all kinds of awesome - I’m loving Zach more every time he shows up, and I love Zach, Stuart and Barry Kripke all together.

“A margarita!?! Where are we? What is happening?”

Sheldon seems to have picked up the Texas prejudice that you can’t put beans in Chili. I was reading that some Texas Chili recipes don’t even have Chili peppers in them, which is absurd.

Of course, I’ve learned yet another reason not to borrow someone else’s toothbrush. Of course, I won’t be able to watch the HIMYM episode, where it turned out that Marshal, Lily, Ted and Robin had used the same toothbrush the same way.

I wondered where the thread was - I almost started it, but decided I’d wait til today and see if one showed up. (I haven’t watched the episode yet.)

Are they paying Kaley Cuoco in cheeseburgers? Good heavens, her thighs are looking quite thunderous.

You might want to get your eyes checked. Or a new tv.

Unless he is using “thunderous” to mean “tasty.”

She looked positively edible in her Wonder Woman outfit, but I’m afraid her legs were not worthy of the anticipation when she pulled the dress out of the closet.

Ah. Understood. But that dress was intended to display her bosom to full advantage in attracting another mate.

Or hungry infants.

Not prejudice. Just the way things are done in a Fitting and Proper Society.

Since there was also a scene where she was behind the bar, I suspect this one was filmed before she had completely recovered from her leg injury. Give her a break!:smiley:

That had occurred to me as well. But it would seem odd to me to tape one very minor scene before the cast was off.

I think the next edition of the dictionary should put Bernadette’s picture next to the entry for “cute”.

Complete recovery from a broken bone does not occur just because the cast is off. My orthopedist told me it takes as long as the limb was in the cast to get use to being out of it, and at least the same amount of time after that to gain complete use of it.

My cast came off in May and it was a complete month before I woke up and didn’t immediately think “my arm.”

They were all very funny together! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see the “Barry Kripke” character again…

I haven’t seen the ep yet, but scanning the comments, I have to say to the person critiquing Kaley Cuoco’s thighs: She was recently recovering from a serious leg injury. that has probably affected any workouts she does and what shape her legs are in I’d think. (grumbling here about how the sexist nature of it all)

ETA - Am I the only one who would love to see Amy Farrah Fowler meet the character who was played by Sarah Gilbert? I think it would be a hoot to see those two interact.

If you mean they all brushed their teeth with it, I agree; if you mean they all used it in a way recommended by Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, I don’t think so. :slight_smile:

It was a very good episode. It really shows how strong the supporting players are. The new people, Amy, Bernadette, Zack, Stuart and Barry are nearly as strong as the original cast.

I really like Amy more and more, as she is developing into the kind of character Sheldon first was. Sheldon has become too much of a caricature of himself, kind of like when “the Fonz” when from being a normal person to the same thing.

The writing was a bit forced. If you have to have Amy constantly remind everyone why Penny is upset it’s not a good thing. The viewers should be getting that message from the plot not a statement. Yeah I know she’s supposed to have no “insight,” like Sheldon, but she’s already moved away from her start. For instance, tonight she clearly has sexual desires, while before she only achieved “self-gratification” through mental stimulation :slight_smile:

I didn’t buy the guys missed Sheldon either. It reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore Show was offered another job and the other characters suddenly all missed him. That episode seemed so forced. As did this.

It was a good episode though as the supporting cast really had a chance to show how good they were