The Big Glass Mathematician Wall

You’ve all seen it in any movie that involves a scientist or mathematician or astronomer. The scientist writes on one side of it, and to the camera, on the other side, the writing appears the right way.

Two questions:

Does this exist? or is this just a movie thing?

If it does exist, how the hell does it work? I just can’t accept that the scientist is able to save the world while writing backwards, and other than that, I’m totally stumped.

I have seen people who can write backwards fluently, but how often this scenario occurs in acadamia, I am not certain. Not too often I would guess.

Of couse, that’s spelled “academia”. Nobody saw that, right?

slinks off

Mmmm, boy! Acadamia nuts!


On Navy ships there is often a large plexiglas board used for plotting contacts or other information. A sailor standing behind it will write backwards on it. Never seen one anywhere else.

My computer programming/math teacher from high school was able to put a piece of chalk in each hand, start writing the beginning of a sentence with his left hand and the end with his right hand simultaneously and meet in the middle. I’d think that if he can do that, simply writing backwards isn’t so hard.