The Bigger Threat

With the United States’ national security in mind, who poses a greater threat, North Korea or Iran?

Are we just considering US security itself, or also the security of our allies? Because North Korea can’t do a thing to us, but they could certainly deliver a massive clobbering to South Korea, and can likely do a fair bit of damage to Japan, too. Iran, likewise, is a bigger threat to Israel than to us.

That’s a hard question to answer. I suppose the fact that North Korea is already a nuclear power, while Iran is still trying to obtain the things (assuming you believe they are) would make them the greater threat. North Korea is in a position to do a lot of harm to the US by disrupting key trade routes, as well as harming some of our key trading partners in the region (China, South Korea, Japan, etc). Iran, of course, is in a region of key strategic resources for pretty much the entire world. Shutting off the oil would be a Bad Thing™. Shutting down the trade routes between the US and Asia would also be a Bad Thing(aar).

Personally, I think that NK is running out of steam, so is more unstable than Iran, who probably still has enough gas in the tank to put down the current protests and keep on keeping on. NK being more unstable means they could do anything…and the fact that they have nukes makes the possibilities much worse.


What’s more dangerous, the crazy guy with a suicide belt or the religious fanatic who wants to rule the world? They’re different kinds of problems.

NK is going to explode one day, but maybe not with the artillery on Seoul, it may be focused internally. (In fact, it probably will be, and the artillery on Seoul will be a secondary result, if it happens.)

Iran has… mmm. Call it three to five years before they’re surrounded by democracies spawned from rebellion against dictators who know exactly what the Greens want and are possibly willing to help them get it. It’s not like Egyptians or Libyans like Iran much, either. Especially not once they realize Iran’s putting down its own people the way the former governments did.

If I were Iran, I’d be shit-scared.