The bill that could slay Open-source

You think that the DMCA is bad? Well, let me introduce to you the new assault on Congress, and all people’s rights, from the entertainment industry. Basically, this bill makes mandatory all new microprocessor devices have copy-“protection” features on by default that nobody can circumvent. Our computer really turns into a TV or radio, a dumbed-down version of both. No code modification software is allowed, which according to this discussion, contravenes the GNU/GPL concept. Also, development on Linux may be adversely affected, as it is being modified all the time, among other things.

Here is more, from the Wired article:

Comments anyone?

That bites.

I’m probably not a good candidate for using open source material, myself, but I still know an egregiously bad idea when I see it.

Again I say: That bites.

That does it: Linux here I come. Can someone recommend a good beginners language for me?*
*[sub]That was a JOKE. No, I don’t want to open that can of worms again either![/sub]

from the linked article:

It is possible to read this to say that it would be a felony offense to connect your older computer (that lacks these censorious chips) to a network?

This is your friendly reminder to give shitloads of money to the EFF.

Thank you.

Now here is another question: will other countries be forced to this standard to sell products in the US? And, if we buy ‘unprotected’ electronic products overseas, will we be arrested at customs when we arrive back in the US?

Man, this about shuts down all the advancement of electronics and telecommunications for the sake of a few Christina Aguilera CDs.