The bitter irony that is the Hank Williams, Jr kerfluffle

So. Hank Williams, Jr. did what he did and said what he said and ESPN pulled the use of his song from the opening moments of last Monday’s MNF broadcast.

ESPN is owned by The Disney Company. Oh, the irony so very bitter. Why? Because Walt Disney had quite the rep as a Jew-Hater..

The clips that were caught by Jewish watchdog groups were removed reluctantly but not all were caught. Becoming enamored of the NAZI movement in North America doesn’t bode well either.

So, ESPN/ Disney stepped in to chastise someone who connected the POTUS with Adolph Hitler. Really?

Trying to make up for The Big Guy’s hatred of Jews, I’d say.

Walt Disney’s been dead for 45 years. I hardly think anybody’s trying to “make up” for anything he did at this point, nor do I think anyone at the company would think to make the connection at this late date (or to care one way or the other if they did).

Now that is quite a stretch.

What did they do for the MNF intro? I wish they’d pull that AYRFSF song completely just because that song is so tired. Heavy Action never gets tired though.

My reaction is that it speaks volumes about how much airtime every network has to fill that Williams’ political views would even get on the air in the first place.

That column doesn’t seem to say what you claim it’s saying. It says that Jewish stereotypes appeared in some Disney films, but then a lot of ethnic stereotypes appeared in Disney films – it was kind of standard procedure for the times. The column explicitly states that “no one can specifically attribute bias to Disney himself”.

That’s definitely the best part of this litle conflagration. I hope the song is gone for good and that NBC stops using that song by Faith Hill or whichever one that is before its Sunday night game. Total waste of time.

That makes so little sense that it’s ridiculous. Ever heard of a guy named Michael Eisner?

What about his endless appetite for the flesh of Cuban children?

I’m Jewish. I still love Walt’s rides and movies.

I’ve never given a shit about Hank Williams, Jr. and don’t plan to start giving shits now.

This is what I came in to post! It’s such a tragedy that this aspect of Disney’s evil continues to be ignored by the lamestream media. Won’t someone think of the children?

Wait, what? I can’t buy a Cuban cigar, yet he’s able to get a hold of their young?:confused:

He has special channels. You’ve heard of the Disney Channel? Well, it isn’t quite what you think…

But without Hank’s song, how will I know if I am or am not adequately prepared for some football?

ABC never should have dropped the “Dun dun dun duuuunnn” music from MNF in the first place. They should bring that back, and NBC should drop Faith Hill.

Wait, Obama is Jewish now?

I thought he was Irish.

ah-ha! i knew it! stephen colbert is a member of the sdmb.

Since I wrote the column in question, I’ll respond:

cjepson has it correct. It’s a huge step to jump from “Jewish stereotypes existed in some Disney films” to “Walt Disney had quite the rep as a Jew-Hater.” He had no such reputation except for those who look at Disney’s earlier films through modern glasses. And, although he was stated to have attended a meeting of the German American Bund, this does not even hint that he was “enamored” of the NAZI movement. As I state in my article, it was more likely because Disney was looking towards distribution of his films in Germany.

If you’re looking for irony, though, it’s best found in the possibility reported by long time Disney animator Ward Kimball that Gunther Lessing, Disney’s lawyer who supposedly got him interested in the Bund … was himself Jewish!

And now you know … the rest of the story.

Who cares! This gives us all a chance to picture Disney characters in Nazi uniforms! :slight_smile:

Eisner hates Jews? Who knew?