The Black Lives Matter protests were overwhelmingly peaceful

Yeah it’s almost impossible to debate this when you have so many people here who literally believe ALL violence or looting done during the riots was super double secret MAGA terrorist actions.

One also has to factor in police bias here, particularly against the BLM protests (which were, of course, protests against police violence). Note that in some cases - and rather ironically - the police were literally the instigators of violence at the protests. But they also turned a blind eye to a lot of right-wing behaviors that they cracked down hard on in BLM protesters. Remember that they literally let Kyle Rittenhouse walk away after he had shot people right in front of them. Or consider this anti-mask protest in Idaho where the mob (at least one of which was armed) pushed past police and forced their way into the statehouse, breaking a door in the process, only to be allowed to just sit down without consequence.

How many is “so many”? I mean, it’s much easier to find people who literally believe that every single protest was violent and that all the violence and looting was by BLM protesters. But you’re right in that it’s certainly almost impossible to debate with people like that.

The reality is that blanket statements will (ironically) pretty much always be wrong. Most of the protests were peaceful but some were quite violent. Most of the protesters were peaceful but some were not, and some of the violence and looting was caused by people either with a vested interest in instigating unrest or amoral opportunists taking advantage of the protests and the police focus on them. And I’m not sure that - even with the best will in the world - it’s possible to unpick who did what. And very few sources will be completely objective.

It’s even harder when you have people who make false claims as the one you have here.

How do? He strikes me as the epitome of a “thug”.

It’s an Americanism. People in America, particularly right wing politicians and media types, generally only use the term “thug” to descibe black guys.