Violent Left-wingers attack police

I find it hugely ironic, that after universal condemnation and demonization of (peaceful) right wing protests over the course of the summer, that it was the left wingers who instigate a riot, damage property, and attack the police.

Since it’s now our turn up on the soap box, I’ll take this opportunity to denounce all liberals as violent, spiteful people who are subverting the democratic process by using violence to further their agenda. You should be ashamed of yourselves, liberals. This is the logical end of your anti-capitalist policies.

Yes. That is right. Every single last one of you. No exceptions. No, not YOU either. What’s that? You say you don’t support these protesters? Doesn’t matter. They are the lunatic fringe, but they are YOUR lunatic fringe. Therefore you are 100% responsible for them.

I live in Pittsburgh.

12 protest marches occurred here yesterday.

11 were peaceful.

Nobody here killed a federal worker.

You’re an idiot, and your OP is not at all clever.

I don’t support the violent protests.

And Timothy McVeigh is your lunatic fringe. It’s a fact. You are 100% responsible for the deaths of 168 innocent Americans. If this is the bullshit standard you’re happy with, how do you deal with the blood on your hands?

I find it hugely disingenuous that you claim this when there was nothing like “universal condemnation and demonization” of the town hall and 9/12 protesters. At best, the most common reaction was that some of them were rather mildly made fun of, and rightly so, for not seeming to have a clear idea what they were protesting. As, by the way, often happens wth left-wing protesters.

I universally condemn and demonize the OP for lameness.

No you don’t.

Were any flags peed on, so as to look olde timey and stained?

Most of the far left wing are either Greens, Third partyists or Independents who view the Republicans and Democrats with equal disdain. The right-wing fringe is still solidly Republican and part of the base directly supported by the party. So they may be a left wing fringe but they are not MY left wing fringe. The Right wing fringe is still yours. So sorry, you lose.

Every single one of you are morons. Right-wing this, left-wing that, it doesn’t matter. In your zeal to play gotcha games you perpetuate that which you claim to disdain. Is it any wonder that hatemongers are able to co-opt so many people? Oh, but they’re just dumb right-wingers, right? Wrong. They are merely reflecting the current dynamic.

How about you guys focus on why people are acting like this? Is it really too much to ask that you discuss the issues rather than acting like the clowns you regularly denounce?

I universally condemn each and every one of these sorts of OPs. Am I really the only one that finds this nonsense exasperating?

No true Scotsman riots in the streets. True Republicans, however, do.


Left Wing Protests! Now only 10% Violent!

No, you’re not.


Which type of OPs? Parody OPs or actual broad brush swinging condemnation OPs?

I condemn stupid protests. And I condemn anyone promoting the stupid protests.

These disturbances have absolutely nothing to do with mainstream American politics and, even though I’m on the right I think it’s pretty contemptible to smear the liberals with this one.

I hope that both left and right members on this board could join together in condemning this OP rather than attempting to answer in kind and score cheap political points.

Both. The parodies of broad brush swinging condemnation OPs are nothing more than justification by saying “you did it first”. It doesn’t matter who did it first.

Seems to me, reading the news, that even the “peaceful” protests are leaving some property damage in their wake. Broken windows and the like.

I haven’t made more of this than it is, and I am happy the Pittsburgh Police have been very restrained in their response. I was around twenty years ago when they would just put on the riot gear and crack heads, like at the Grateful Dead concert in '89.

But leaving all that aside, I feel sorry most of all for the small shopkeepers and restaurateurs in Pittsburgh, and the ordinary people not caught up in protest politics. Generally conventions represent not only increased business but an opportunity for them to show off their work and their city. This time around they are losing money and can’t talk to anyone. And you can blame the security regulations for this as much or more than the protesters.

It’s a shame.

I’m with you. Let’s form our own wing!

No. Hypocrisy-hunting is boring. At least unless there’s amusing middle-aged kinky sex involved.