The Boob Tube runs dry

Just going through the latest edition of “TV Guide”. (<=== I know, incomplete sentence. That’s what reading “TV Guide” does to you.) It’s the “Fall Preview” issue. Usually, I can find one or two shows that look interesting or original. Not this time. Pages and pages of the same-ol’-same-ol’. Not a thing that looks as if it will still be around next fall. Maybe I’m missing something. Have any of you heard of any new shows that would be worthy of the old “MST3K” slot on my VCR’s recording schedule.

Carpe hoc!

There is a question there, despite the absense of a question mark. Trust me.

I used to watch TV almost constantly. I realized one day that I just stopped. It is more entertaining to read a good book. Or to play games on the web. If your computer can handle it; I suggest trying the latest computer game. Just look for something that looks interesting. Red Storm Entertainment, Sierra Studios, Dynamix, and Jane’s Combat Sims produce some of the best stuff I know. Lucasarts is great for the die-hard Star Wars fan (me). Give it a try!

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Have you ever played the game Strike a Match online? It is soooo fun.

Give it a try at

they have other good games too, but Strike a Match is my favorite. It has helped me in my quest against the evil TV.

It isn’t a new show, but I can’t push Fox’s “Futurama” enough. The show has everything “The Simpsons” appears to have lost over the last few years.

Futurama: Top-notched programming. Make a tape of the show and watch it a few times. I USED to do that with the Simpsons their first 2 years. It gets better each time you watch it. Just like The Princess Bride.

I love Modern Marvels on the History channel. Infact, I love the History Channel.


its the best new show i think … i love it because it expands on the simpsons and doesnt copy it. (even makes fun of it :slight_smile:

i also love the 70s show, its pretty cool!

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I also love the History Channel.

Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics show some great old movies. Checking the weekly schedule is a Sunday morning ritual for me.

Lately I’ve been watching The Weather Channel quite a bit. I am not sure if I should be worried about that or not.

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Just when I think TV has become my own personal wasteland (so long Seinfeld, MST3K), I discover new treasures emanating from the bluish hue. This year it’s been “Futurama,” and the Cartoon Network’s wonderful triad, “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Johnny Bravo,” and “The Powerpuff Girls.”

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Hail to Thee, Mighty Futurama!

Thou Art Proof That Fox Is The Best Broadcast TV Network Around.
I have never seen one single episode of ‘Seinfeld’. I am proud.

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