The Bourne Supremecy: Book vs. Film

I noticed that in Identity, while the movie was excellent and totally had the feel of the book, the story was pretty different from the book.

I also believe strongly this movie will be as good, if not better than Identity.

So that leads me to as of all who have seen Supremecy and read the book:

How do you feel the movie compares with the book? Was the plot in this movie closer to the book than it had been in Identity?

I liked the books better because they held together better. But then I tend to like books better than films. The entire reason for Jason’s search for Treadstone in Supremacy (film) is extremely contrary to the book. It makes me wonder if they are going to make a third – they left several ways to do so, however all they will have in common with the books is a character named Jason Bourne.

I saw the movie yesterday and enjoyed it. I also loved the books. What I did was to mentally rename the movie The Bourne Deception. It was a fun summer flick but it had nothing to do with the book at all! For example,1. Bourne has no idea he is really David Webb untill the last 5 min.
2. Marie dies?!?!?!?!
3. It’s not in China?
4. The impostor is a russian thug?!?

…I could keep this up for pages. Suffice it to say, it is NOT The Bourne Supremacy. It is not a simple matter of switching a microfilm to a nifty laser pointer, the entire basis of the movie, its storyline, character development (or lack thereof), basically 99% of the movie is not from the book.

As a BourneCo story, it’s fine, as a movie adaptaion of a book, it fails miserably.

Hopefully the Jackel will finally appear. :o

I was thinking of starting a thread on this topic (comparing the books to the films), but I probably wouldn’t have bothered. (Not quite comfortable starting threads yet; I’m not the leader type.) So thanks for doing it for me, PussyCow.

First off, I’ve never read any of the books. I liked the Supremacy film, but definitely not as much as Identity. (Haven’t some of the reviews claimed it to be better than the first?) While the shaky-camera style can be effective in making it seem like you’re right there in the action, it can get annoying. My father didn’t like the fact that the hand-to-hand combat scenes were filmed so close. We both prefer to see what’s actually going on. Those would be the only stylistic complaints I had about the film.

As for the story, MikeG’s first spoiler point was the one that bothered me, and made me question how different the films were from the books. I had been under the impression that aside from changes in technology, the films were relatively honest to the books. So far, this thread has proven that impression to be faulty. MikeG’s second point didn’t bother me storywise, but was a disappointment personally. His first point, however, had me doubting we would see more Bourne films.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Identity, but I remember enjoying it a lot. I believe I saw it twice in the theatre. I’ll likely see Supremacy a second time in the theatre, since my usual movie buddy hasn’t seen it yet. I also wasn’t quite all there for my first viewing. (I had physically drained myself earlier that day doing yardwork. My muscles haven’t had much exercise for a while. And my head was/still is suffering from allergies.)


The only resemblance between the movie and the book is the title and a few of the characters’ names.