The Boys (Ennis) [spoilers]

  1. The Frenchman is, based on the way he talks and his fake origin story, obviously not French (unless that is simply an additional layer of misdirection), but do we ever find out anything about who he is or his past? Is he a parody of a particular comic book character, like most of the other characters in this comic?

  2. Black Noir was engineered to take out the Homelander, but he himself was supposed to be kept under control how? Surely not a nuke like they originally kept to use on the Homelander, because then he wouldn’t be necessary.

  1. Sadly, that’s the way citizens of the French Republic are depicted in Ennis’s books. *HITMAN *had Jean de Baton Baton. I can’t wait for him to do a BLACKHAWK series!

Well, for the French caricature stuff, he can’t outdo Superdupont, so why try? :slight_smile: