The Breakfast Club, with cellphones

While playing the “Five Word Movie Review” game in the Game Room, I found myself responding to “John Hughes movies” with this response:

The Breakfast Club: Classic Eighties teens, before cellphones. (Cite.)

What would The Breakfast Club have been like if the kids had cellphones, as most today do. Any ideas?

they’d probably spend the whole time complaining that their smartphones had been confisgated :wink:

Here you go:

Interesting, Rand. Thanks!

That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw the thread title, no one would be talking to anyone else.

They wouldn’t be allowed to use their smartphones during detention.

Rules certainly didn’t stop them from doing all the other stuff they did that day.

True, but cellphones can be confiscated. On the other hand, I wouldn’t put it past some of them to have an extra phone. Molly Ringwald’s character sure would.

What would “The Long Walk” really be like?

Annnnnd go. 50 pairs of boots clacking, and 100 people with their heads down. Well…that’s captivating drama.

You say they wouldn’t be allowed to have phones? Pshaw. A longer Walk means more drama. And think of the product placement and live tweeting, “Just logged mile 25! feelin strng YOLO! #gonnagetmeanisland

The Stand: “Stu Redman has defriended Harold Lauder”…Nadine’s relationship: “It’s complicated”

Tommyknockers: The town uses their powers to make a kickass new console. Everyone makes bank. The spaceship stays buried.

They would have lied to the teacher, said they didn’t have one (or didn’t bring it) and then been texting when he wasn’t looking. John Bender (Judd Nelson) would have called in a threat to the school and gotten out detention.