The Brown Noise

If any of you have seen this episode of South Park, you’ll know that, like any other SP episode, it’s pretty nasty. Short Summary: Kids from around the world are gathered in SP (4 million kids) to perform the US anthem on recorders. Angry at some smart-ass New York City kids, Cartman and the gang decide to slip a note into their (NY kids) music sheet so that they’ll play “The Brown Noise,” which is 96 octaves below E, and if played makes a person’s bowels release. Of course a mistake is made and all 4 million kids get the same music sheet…and…well…you get the picture.

I’ve heard that there is a Brown Noise simular to that, but it only works for babies. Is this true? It may be a disgusting question, but hey, I’m curious.

Plug “brown note” into the search engine and you’ll get all the previous threads.

(The short answer: If it does exist, it’s never been actually demonstrated).

Dear Lord, what have we done to be cursed with this question every single time that episode airs?

Seek [the archives] and ye shall find, my son. Usually without having to ask.

A few years ago some scientists played around with a killing device which depended on the characteristics of sub-sonic sound. The theory was that if the right frequency was chosen (around 9Hz) you could cause the human body to vibrate in unison and shake itself to pieces.I don’t think that it was carried forward because it could not be aimed very well on the battle-field and would probaly kill people on both sides.

Well, if you’re interested, the note for the brown noise that cartman wrote on the music staff is E flat 5. :slight_smile: