The Browns have done somthing no other team has ever done

I has looking up some of Tom Brady’s stats after the Browns won. Until that game no team had ever beaten a Brady-led team if they were leading by 7 or more points in the final 2 minutes. 218 teams have been there and lost. Brady’s won/loss record for that scenario is now 218-1. Yay.

In “they were leading”, is that “they” the Brady team, or the other team? I.e., is Brady good at holding on to leads, or is he good at coming back from behind?


That was a bit ambiguous. I meant when the Brady-led team was winning by at least 7 points. Brady’s teams have also not lost an overtime game since 2015.

I guess they should get credit for Something.

To be fair, how often does it happen, with any teams, that a team comes back from a 7-or-more point deficit in the last two minutes? Brady’s streak (before being broken) might not be so impressive as all that.

Obviously not very often from these stats about the Browns game:

The Browns were previously 0-13 during Stefanski’s three years as coach of the Browns when they trail by seven or more points in the fourth quarter, according to TruMedia. They also were 0-73-1 in their last 74 games when trailing by seven or more in the fourth. It was their first win in that situation since they rallied in Week five of the 2014 season against the Titans.

Browns make big plays when needed to for first time this year in come-from-behind 23-17 overtime win over Bucs