The Bullet Baby: Truth or UL?

Here’s the supposed story (from The Book of Lists #2):

Now, on the surface, this appears to have all the signs of an urban legend. There’s the basic improbability of the incident, the coincidence of the doctor knowing both the soldier and the lady, and the happy resolution with the couple marrying. On the other hand, the story isn’t being credited to “a friend of a friend”; it names the doctor, gives the supposed date and place of the incident, and even cites its appearance in a specific medical journal.

So I can see at least four possibilities: 1 - the whole incident happened as described; 2 - the whole incident is an unusually well-fabricated story (akin to Thomas Crapper’s toilet or Millard Filmore’s bathtub); or 3 - the story did appear in American Medical Weekly as mentioned and Dr Capers (who coincidentally was the only named character) made the whole thing up as a joke; or 4 - the young lady was impregnated by conventional means (for all we know by the soldier) and was shot during the battle and Dr Capers gullibly concluded the bullet caused the pregnancy.

Does anyone here know?

Well I found this link on

Bullet Impregnation

It could have happened the way Capers described it but I’m willing to bet it didn’t.

I don’t buy the whole impregnation by bullet story. Either Dr. Capers was trying to shield the girl from disgrace and subsequently decided to make a name for himself by writing up the concocted story or he was a nut.

…or maybe there never was a Dr. Capers and the whole thing was made up.

From TheMadHun’s link; a follow up to the story published in the AMW.

The story was clearly a joke.

And don’t forget Snopes:

Bullet Baby


The answer is so simple that you’re gonna kick yourself. Dr. Capers is the father ofcourse.

Way back in high school, one of my history teachers taught this as fact and gave names and places (sorry my memory is not that good). Now you have me questioning everything this man taught me! sniff

It’s definitely looking like #3 is the correct answer. Thanks for the info and sites.

In one of Jan Brunvand’s books (the well know urban legend researcher) he covers this story. Definitely a UL. He has even uncovered earlier versions of the story IIRC.

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