The (Burger) King is Dead! Long Live No King!

Burger King is retiring its spooky mascot

Oh good, now I can finally eat at BK again.

(for any BK advertising monkeys searching this site: please note that I have not graced your ‘restaurants’ since you instituted that abomination of a head-mask as your mascot. I’ve very much missed Whoppers, and now I can eat them again. What the HELL took you so long?!?!)

My favorite King “commercial” (probably not safe for work, at the very least turn it down).

Yeah, that guy was pretty spooky. I don’t know what they were thinking, but whatever it was it wasn’t a good ad campaign.

I dressed as him for Halloween once.

Good riddance ya creepy fuck. Give my regards to Satan.

Yep. I haven’t eaten at BK since they started those creepy ass King commercials. Dropping him is a start, but they’ll have to do more to get me back after so much bad karma earned.

My High School Trig teacher was the spittin image of “The Marvelous Magical Burger King.” Circa 1977. IIRC, The mascot was not as creepy as he is now.

It’s too late for those of us who lived through it - what has been seen cannot be unseen.

But now there’s hope for the future. We can begin raising a new generation that will be untouched by the horror.

I am fully aware that it’s totally impotent, ineffectual and meaningless, but I have not set foot in a Subway restaurant since they began running the new ad campaign that features adult actors having their voices dubbed over with “kiddie” voices…

If the King is dead, can we now hope to see commercials featuring Zombie Burger King?
Or would that be redundant?

The Burger King commercials were incredibly creepy and wrong. I grew to like them. They were much better than the happy hairy guy they used in the '70s.

The first King commercial with him in the guy’s window when the guy gets out of bed always made me laugh for some reason. Some of the others were pretty funny too. Yeah, he was creepy, but that was half the appeal o’ the King!

What the fuck is wrong with you all? I hate Burger King, but those commercials were funny as shit.

Awww, I kinda liked those CMs. It was a good kinda creepy.

I’m disappointed. I liked the King.

Of course, I won’t eat at BK any more, but hey.

See, I like Burger King’s bizarre commercials. Remember Subservient Chicken? And there was another weird one with a fashion designer, I think.

How the hell can people say he’s creepy when Ronald McDonald exists? Especially creepy Willard Scott Ronald? Haven’t eaten at BK in years and years, but the King’s commercials are the best. I even got that Xbox “Sneak King” game were you run around stealth [del]killing[/del] surprising people.

I don’t think I knew about this, they never used this campaign in Britain.

Did he run off with Pedobear?

Awww. I never have eaten at a Burger King and never plan to, but those spots had just the kind of 1980s po-mo *Pee Wee’s Playhouse *creepy/cool I love.

Now if Six Flags (which I also have never been near) would get rid of the Dancing Reanimated Zombie Corpse of Swifty Lazar . . .