The Bush Admin's a Threat to US National Security

Someone of “only ‘a handful’ of senior officials” is responsible for life-and-death, classified national security info being transferred to Iran. The Bush Admin characterized the info as that which could “get people killed.” The available suspects are members of the Bush Admin.

Apparently, the ‘leak’ went through the Iraqi National Congress (INC).

Reportedly, Jordan’s King Abdullah provided a dossier that detailed the intelligence transfer as well as other INC crimes. In addition to espionage, the crimes attributed to the INC include extortion, robbery, kidnapping, torture, and, inevitably, embezzlement.

‘Bush administration officials’ have said that both Ahmed Chalabi, INC founder and leader, and Aras Karim Habib, chief of INC’s Pentagon funded Intelligence Collection Program ( ICP ) are suspected conduits for the transfer of the sensitive intel to Iran.

There’s said to be undeniable intelligence that Chalabi met with a senior Iranian intelligence, a “nefarious figure from the dark side of the regime - an individual with a direct hand in covert operations directed against the United States.”

As far back as the nineties, and as recently as this month, Mr. Aras Karim Habib been knownwn to be working for Iran. Mr. Aras Karim Habib’s a Kurdish Iraqi who converted to Shiism after the the ayatollah Komeyni seized power. Mr. Aras Karim Habib went to Iran and joined the Pasdaran. The Qods (Jerusalem) Force of the Pasdaran train Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups. Qods Force supported the establishment of Hizballah and Islamic Jihad branches.The second largest Pasdaran foreign operations relates to the Iraqi Kurds.

Someone is responsible for the sensitive intelligence making it to the INC. This brings us to the FBI’s investigation into who may have passed on the classified information to Chalabi.

INC spokesman Entifadh Qunbar, in a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee, discusses two contacts in the USG. It describes deputy assistant to the vice president for national security affairs, John Hannah, as the “principal point of contact” for the INC’s ICP and even provided Hannah’s direct White House telephone number.

John Hannah and fellow Vice presidential aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby wrote the dossier meant to serve as the basis for Powell’s February 6, 2003 to the UN. Powell sent the dossier for further fact checking because it contained ‘bullshit’. Qunbar also mentions William Luti, (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Plans and Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, and former military adviser to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich), who, after working on Cheney’s staff early in the Bush administration, shifted to the Pentagon, where he oversaw a secretive Iraq war-planning unit called the Office of Special Plans.

Curiously enough John Hannah recently arrived at the dead center of the Plame scandal. “It is believed that the FBI officers …interviewed John Hannah…and may be offering an incentive to him to reveal what he knows about other officials.”

The CIA and the State Department each supported then abandoned the INC. The CIA determined that Chalabi had little support in Iraq. And the State Dept noticed that, despite a team of accountants, Chalabi couldn’t account for millions of the US’s money.Yet, in spite of this, the Pentagon resumed funding for the INC and its ICP. Powell recently referred to some ICP provided information as ‘inaccurate,’ ‘wrong’ ‘deliberately misleading’.

The Pentagon funded Mr. Aras Karim Habib’s intelligence operation.
Someone is documented as being responsible for the US’s decisions re INC’s Information Collection Progam.

Is it the same someone who’s responsible for the sensitive intelligence making it to the INC? Maybe the FBI’ll offer Mr. Hannah more ‘incentives’?

Note that this is not new for members of the Bush Amdin. Don’t forget about the ‘Vulcan’ Richard Perle passing classified national security information to agents of a foreign government in the seventies.

The Bush Admin just doesn’t give a fuck about who on their team does what with classified national security information, even though it endangers Amercan lives, as long as it serves their ends.
The fuckers’re fundamentally unAmerican, amoral, elitist meatbags who are, (and represent), a grave and gathering threat to America’s liberty.


umm, wouldn’t that be REPUBLICAN GWB and his ENTIRELY REPUBLICAN administration?

coincidence? i think not.


Boy, I would have to think George Herbert is pissed off that all his work as Director of he CIA is going to pot.

Boy, I would have to think George Herbert is pissed off that all his work as Director of the CIA is going to pot.

Ya’ know, if you took out the last three sentences of the OP, you might have the first thread started in the Pit moved to Great Debates.

The Bush Admin’s biggest threat to US national security is the fact that they are seriously pissing off a bunch of extremists, future extremists, and potential extremists for basically no reason.

I understand having a zero tolerance for terrorism policy and I agree with it but if we don’t reform our actions that are causing people to want to be terrorists then our “war on terrorism” means fuck all.

I think the Democrats should go after this issue. Seriously. This is the kind of thing the opposition is supposed to go after. This is a serious issue. If the Democrats can show that the Vice President’s office was essentially penetrated by Iranian intelligence, then they’ve got Bush by the short and curlies.

I wonder what George Herbert would have to say about this…

That’s the spirit Sam. Felt good, didn’t it! :slight_smile:

I agree. And I absolutely guarantee you that when they do, the Repugs are going to start whining about how those bad old Democrats are “politicizing” the issue when not otherwise questioning their loyalty. Apparantly criticizing the opposition is now considered gauche in the world’s oldest democracy, especially if that criticism is in any way legitimate.

And let’s look at some of the other things the Bush Administation has done to keep us safe.

  1. Originally cut funding for fighting terrorism even though the WTC had already been bombed once in 1993 and even though the millenium plot had been thwarted.
  2. Downgraded the position of counter-terrorism expert and discontinued regular meetings with the national security advisor
  3. Ignored the Hart/Rudman commission which specifically warned that a upcoming terrorist attack on American soil was in the works.
  4. Ignored repeated warnings that Bin Laden was planning to attack the US, including the infamous August 6th PDB.
  5. Let Bin Laden escape from Torra Borra
  6. Attacked a completely irrelevant country thus inspiring a new generation of terrorists.
  7. Derided and ignored the Geneva convention which led straight to Abu Grhaib which in turn has caused a needless expansion of Rush Limbaugh’s pornography collection — homosexual subdivison.
  8. Arrogantly bullied and humiliated allies whose cooperation we need to bust local cells and pass on information to us.
  9. Has left our chemical and nuclear power plants exposed.
  10. Has made some improvements in inspecting cargo containers but way short of what’s necessary.

Republicans have a reputation for being big on national security but I think it’s become pretty clear that what they really support is giving huge contracts to their buddies in the defense industry. Billions for Haliburton but if you’re a soldier and you get shot you have to pay for your own hospital meals and here’s hoping you also enjoy that cut in combat pay.

In terms of national security, the Republicans today have shown themselves to be a disaster.

Life is strange, no? :eek: