The Bushistas are now racially profiling journalists

This is fucked up

If you’re a journalist or a photographer who intends to cover campaign appearances by Dick Cheney, The Bushistas are going to have to know what color you are.

There must be a good reason that Cheney needs to be apprised of the melanin content of this woman’s skin, right? Well, here’s the reason:

Yes it was. The photographer’s name is Mamta Popat. That name is spelled correctly, there are no typos.

How many fucking Mamta Popats are running around in fucking Arizona? FHow many exist in the world. How many people are even named Mamta, much less mamta Popat? :dubious:

WTF? What’s going on here? Could it be that the Bushies are afraid that a non-white Journalist might not be on their side? Or is it something more sinister?

So after you guys make race such a big issue over here, with your little check boxes on gov’t forms and whatnot, now you are going to complain? Amazing.

Who the fuck is “us guys” and what the fuck does it have to do with th OP?

Ah, Brutus… are you here to bother us again with your bullshit because Popeye beat your bitch ass for the billionth time>

When will you learn that he’s strong to the finich 'cause he eats his spinach, you pathetic man child?

Uh Brutus…What the Fuck? I think you’ve got some water on the brain. Maybe a cup or two.

As to the OP…wow, how fucked up is that?

Hmm Mamta…Popat…what kind of fucking moron even needs to ask?

Did you ever, even for just a teensy second, that perhaps… Maybe… It really was just some stupid, generic thing that they do for everyone who is given special access to the president? That they have full little profiles of every person who is allowed within a thousand feet of Bush?

You know, ‘you guys’. Leftists and associated scallywags.

Regardless, this was from the ‘rally organizer’, not Cheney. And the photographer is being let in anways. And maybe someone has a ‘Popat’ on a watch list, and was trying to confirm something? It’s not an uncommon Pakistani name. Gosh, people not familiar with the photographic stlyings of Mamta Popat. Whodathunkit?

This is stupid ado about nothing.

From the article: “Journalists covering the president or vice president must undergo a background check and are required to provide their name, date of birth and Social Security number. The Star provided that information Thursday for Popat and this reporter.”

With Popat, they wanted more. Because of her name, they wanted her race. They’ve got her fucking Social Security Number, for fucks sake! Why deny her access based on race? How could that possibly matter?

What if she *was * Arabic? Black? Eskimo? How could it matter?

As I said (in my sinking post on the same subject), I understand the Secret Service’s concern about protecting Cheney. He’s one of the biggest assholes on the planet, and is hated by millions. That doesn’t excuse racial profiling of reporters.

From the desk of Maud’Dib, the Kwizatz Hatandcoatrack, we have…

The Muad’Dib litany(with apologies to Frank Herbert(mostly for that this twit takes the name of an enlightened fictional being and does a Rainman impression with it)):

You will not think.
Thinking is the partisan bullshit killer.
Thinking is the little step that leads to partisan obliteration.
I will ignore my thoughts.
I will let all thoughts pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone I shall blind my inner eye to its path.
Where the thought has gone there will be nothing.
Only partisan toadying will remain.

Maybe it is more that because you feel that way about him every story like this immeadeatly gets stretched untill it is turned into another horrific outrage of the Bush administration.

According to the article “Journalists… must undergo a background check and are required to provide their name, date of birth, and social security number.”

He’s got you, Dio. Probably go the news clipping from the Star, about you lurking in Loring Park in a raincoat, and jumping out at young schoolgirls and wagging your scally.

Look…you knew it would get out sooner or later…

Because it ISN"T something they do for everybody, not the race question anyway.
You know, ‘you guys’. Leftists and associated scallywags.

Actually, no I don’t know, and it’s irrelevant to the OP. I never check those fucking boxes anyway.
Regardless, this was from the ‘rally organizer’, not Cheney.

Rally organizers don’t come up with this shit on their own, they’re not responsible for securuty and they don’t usually ask what color somebody is.

Because the AZ publicized the incident. They didn’t have a choice anymore.

Confirm what? what the fuck would knowing her race confirm?
It’s not an uncommon Pakistani name.

How the fuck would you know? And Pima County is not in fucking Pakistan. How many Mamta fucking Popats are present in Arizona right now? What do you think? maybe one, tops?

Which completely fails to answer why they needed to know what color she was.

This is stupid ado about nothing.

  1. You really do not help the Liberal stereotype that they just assume that everyone who disagrees with them is a big dummy not to be listened to or considered.

  2. In these threads, although without a lot of venom (which is good), you jump to name calling faster than anyone.

  3. When are you going to apologize for calling me a “disingenuous cad” for saying that the Democrats were the ones who proposed the $300 tax rebate?

Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity…

But, the Malice comes IMO on denying that there was a mistake made, which is SOP for this administration.

However, this is fitting a disturbing pattern:

I do think the president’s pig head ness on not replacing any of his fact checkers is not funny anymore, from the plagiarized paper on Iraq, the faulty identification of terrorist names (as it happened to the best link the administration had between Saddam and Osama (it was the wrong guy)) to the recent “Cuban hookers” quote misstep, I am beginning to think this president doesn’t care what an ass he has become due to his fact checkers. And the harm that this will continue causing if this nincompoop gets 4 more years.

[Super cynical mode:]
I am beginning to think the intelligence community is truly disgusted with this guy, and Bush is depending on the second string team to keep himself informed.
[/super cynical mode]

This is IMO a better reason why not to vote for this yahoo in November: The realization that incompetence will never get you fired in the Bush administration, so it is up to us to fire him in November.

Jesus, that’s probably the shittiest coding job I’ve ever posted.

Anyway, Bush dfenders, I am open to explanations of why her race was relevant, especially in light of the fact that they already had her SS#.

That article is the ONLY reference I could find through other Google searches. Highly suspect.

Disingenuous cad is so slight when it comes to you, oh Ann Coulter revering dickweed.

You aren’t a dummy, you’re quite partisan and blind to anything that would go against it. I can see when people do well and are working for their constituency no matter what their political leanings are. I doubt you can say the same.

I jump to mocking faster than anyone, and you and Brutus fucking beg for it.

Glass houses dude.

They had her SS??, shit! I am getting tired to see my super cynical retorts, about this administration, confirmed even a little…

Not that neither Muad’Dib nor Brutus has answered the question as to why this woman should have been singled out to be racially profiled.

Perhaps answering the question is too hard?

Or not possible. Because there was no excuse for this nonsense.