The Case of Windows 8 and the Disappearing C: Drive

I’m running Windows 8. Sometimes when I open Documents from the Start Menu, on the left side I can see Computer>Gateway( C: ), and sometimes I only see Computer. When I click to expand Computer, the bar at the top slowly fills with green, as if something is being searched for. I haven’t had the patience to see how long this bar will take to fill up, and what happens afterward. It goes on for minutes. Why does this happen, and how can it be fixed?

If anything in their programs is useful and helpful, Microsoft will either remove it or hide it in the next version. they’ve always done this.

the most bizzare part is where you find it like (My) Computer - Properties - Advanced and realize it is the exact same interface / program as the previous version.

Well, there’s your problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this has got to be a beta, right? There are bound to be things that don’t work right. Report it to Microsoft.

Microsoft is de-emphasizing the file system in Windows 8. Think of your phone or tablet - you don’t have to worry about where the actual files are stored. The masses will decide over time if this is a good decision or not. It is certainly different from previous versions, and therefore bound to upset many people at first.

As far as your specific question, that often happens when it is trying to connect to some network drive or share that is offline. It can take a while for it to timeout and give up. As njtt notes, Windows 8 is still beta so hopefully this is something that is fixed before RTM.

Oops. I meant Windows 7, not 8. :smack:

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The second part of my response is still valid for Windows 7. Do you have any network shares?

I just opened Documents. I can see C: just find. When I click Network, the same thing happens as described in the OP.

It is probably trying to connect to a disconnected drive, read the space on a large network drive, or possibly cache image thumbnails in a particular folder. Here are a couple links that might help point you toward a fix:

They can have my file system when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. My wife’s Mac does this and it drives me batty. If want to go in and do something with a picture or something, (like transfer it over the network), its impossible to find because they have it fracking buried. Og forbid I disrupt the walled garden!

When you let the masses decide, you end up with something like the US Congress!

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If I were you (and if TroutMan hasn’t already told you enough to solve your problem), I would just start a new thread.

Aw, and here I was gearing up to ask you how you felt about all those mouse gestures on the side of the screen that make no sense.